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Is this the new norm?

In the wake of the chaos surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, we're all struggling to get used to the sudden changes in our way of life.  Everyone from all walks of life trying to cope with the closing of bars, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, and the like.  Every touring musical act has either postponed or canceled entire tours, and rightfully so.  It's best to do what we can to stem the tide of this virus any way we can and obviously won't last forever.  However, this leaves a ton of talent itching for a way to get their live shows in front of equally itchy fans.  The solution?

Live Streaming.

Dropkick Murphys, the Massachusetts based Celtic-Punk band (think AC/DC mixed with Irish Folk music) faced for the first time in decades, the prospect of not performing in their home-state on St. Patrick's Day.   Their solution was to perform a full concert for the masses via YouTube.  This obviously wasn't the first streamed concert on the internet, but this felt more important than just any other novel attempt to collect likes.  So many folks equate Dropkick Murphys with St. Patrick's Day, and it would disappoint so many if they went black on the 2020 version of this day.

It was easy to find online this afternoon as they sent links to the show via all their social media outlets.  (Click HERE to see the show in its entirety - Now over 7M Views!)

Once logged in, I was treated to a classic Dropkick show.  Energetic, hard-edged, Celtic flavored songs delivered very loudly was the recipe of the day.  Mixing hard-hitting tunes such as "Smash Shit Up," and "First Class Loser" were mixed with the anthem "Famous for Nothing" and the ever emotional "Forever"; a classic Irish flavored tearjerker.  Finally, I must add the sound was great, mixed well, and balanced.  Visually, the show excelled as well.  Employing a full stage, full lighting, and plenty of room for the ensemble to run around as desired, made for an overall top-notch production.  The Dropkick Murphys (including Ken Casey, Matt Kelly, Al Barr, James Lynch, Tim Brennan, Jeff DaRosa,  Lee Forshner and Kevin Rheault) put a significant effort into making this happen and it was a huge success.

As the virus continues to disrupt almost everyone's 2020, it was genuinely great to take a breath and enjoy this very well executed live concert.  I'm going to keep an eye for these guys when things calm down, and they get back on the road.  As a new convert, I am looking forward to enjoying them in a  more traditional "live" environment when everything calms down.  Until that time, I can take solace in the fact that I along with hundres of thousands more around the world, witnessed Dropkick Murphys successfully salvage St. Patrick's Day, 2020.  

The Gallery below contains a small collection of screenshots from the broadcast.  Just a head's up as the quality might not be up to the usual quality photos you're used to seeing at Hunnypot Live.  Have fun and Enjoy!!!


John McAteer

Photojournalist - Orange County

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