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When I was growing up, my dad would have Tech N9ne blasting in the truck. I really didn’t know how much I liked him until I really started listening to his music as I got older.  It’s a cool thing when you hear an artist at such a young age for the first time to taking photos at his shows and reviewing their newest album almost 20 years later after Anghellic was released.  Enterfear brings you into a new world of his music.  It’s a masterpiece from beginning to end.  We have a legend in our midst and his name is Tech N9ne.  This highly anticipated album comes almost exactly 1 year after his previous release, N9NA. Let’s dive into this record a little bit more.

Tech jumps right into “Just Die” with his signature yell into the mic and doesn't skip a beat from his previous release. The composition of this song is very interesting and gives the fans a taste of his creative writing abilities.  You really can’t tell where he is going next, but you just know you’re going to enjoy it.  I would say almost every song on this album is like that and it is pure genius.  People are so used to hearing the typical song structure and Tech N9ne has been at this for long enough that he knows how to spice it up a bit.

I really want to point out another song that was heard loud and clear, “Outdone”.  My perception of this song was he had some much-needed things to say that hadn’t been said.  This is where I feel like Tech has some inner genius because he knows he’s legit and has kept up with the times.  Hell, he is probably one of the best rappers in the last 2 decades.  The line where he says, “The industry shunned me, but I got that stitch. Eminem, Wayne, Kendrick, and Pac’s rap pick, y’all say Joyner and Logic too so f*** that s***”, I legit felt that.  He’s raw and real about it.  I love that about him and everything he puts out.  Definitely a fire track.

A few others that really stuck out to me were “Dr. Sebach”, “Snake And The Batman”, “Angel Baby”.  My personal favorite on Enterfear was “Saw Somethin’”.  The beats on every track are so unique and a perfect style for this album.  He tells a story through his words and there is just something about it that keeps me listening.  Let’s not forget to mention all of the guest features.  You know there can’t be an album without Krizz Kaliko on it and that is 100% okay with me.  I love it when they both get on a track together.  Another aspect of the album that I really enjoyed were the choruses on every song.  All unique and work so well.  If I can vibe with a chorus, I’ll stay listening through the rest of the song.

Tech N9ne continues to surprise everyone with each release he drops and I guarantee anyone who listens to Enterfear will become an instant fan.  Tech is truly someone to look up to in the rap genre, because if you can still be relevant with almost 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify after 20 years of being in the music game, you’re obviously doing something right.  Big shout out to Tech N9ne and the Strange Music family for producing a magnificent record. 


As always, rock on my friends.     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.7 out of 10

Artist: Tech N9ne, Album: Enterfear, Release Date:  April 17th, 2018,  Label:  Strange Music, Inc.

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