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With a salty kiss of ocean air hitting my skin, I looked over the horizon at my favorite surf break on the East shore of O'ahu, Hawai'i before hitting the waves.  This was a year ago, before I left my home in Hawai'i Nei and made the trek across the ocean to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest.  The drastic change of climate, lifestyle, and the unfortunate recent global events have made this already major life event even more challenging.  Even so, I have love in my heart as well as countless memories of those days spent on the beaches of O'ahu and now I have a bridge that takes me there.

For the last 15 years, Iration, has brought a taste of the Hawaiian Islands throughout the globe with a unique mixture of roots-influenced reggae, island rhythms, R&B, and rock.  Their 7th studio album, Coastin’,  continues the band’s quest to solidify their sonic legacy as ambassadors of Aloha across the continent.  While the band officially formed in Isla Visa, CA, their roots actually took ground in the 808 State of Hawai'i with this talented group of friends: lead vocalist/ guitarist, Micah Pueschel; bassist, Adam Taylor; drummer, Joe Dickens; and keyboardist, Cayson Peterson, with the essential addition of California native and lead guitarist, Micah Brown, adding his own inimitable sound to the solid line-up.

The record begins with the uplifting and memorable opener, “Coastin” which sets the tone for the rest of the album.  “Right Here Right Now” the album’s introspective title track, invites listeners to be present and grateful in the moment and features Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany as well as the multi-faceted, reggae act, Stick Figure.  The songs “Guava Lane”, “Daylight Savings” and “Home Tonight” are bursting with affection and longing. 

While “Zen Island”, their most ambitious song on the album, paints a picture of tranquil serenity ripe with lush melody.  The album closes with the acoustic track, “Learn from Me”, a song for every parent that eloquently expresses their undying love for their children, a song written as a heartfelt letter to Pueschel’s daughter.

Coastin’ is the sound of home to me.  It’s yearning for the freedom of the open ocean and the warm smiles that come with the spirit of Aloha.  This also expresses acceptance that life is never linear.  It is a river that flows from Mauka (mountain) to Makai (ocean) that bends and flows with the rocks along the way.  Their music is a constant reminder that each and every one of us needs to be grateful for what we have and never forget to “Slow down, take a breath, and remember to Smile,” and to embrace the spirit of Aloha that resides within us all.  Despite the challenges of an uncertain world, Iration are carrying their unrelenting positivity to new horizons while never losing site of where they come from.


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.0 out of 10

Artist:  Iration,  LPCoastin'  Release Date: July 10th, 2020,   Label: Three Prong Records

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