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Written by  Jo Higginbotham

Rebelution re-introduces 15 of their greatest songs in dub style in a killer album appropriately titles,  The Dub Collection. Featuring remixed versions of songs from past albums, this collection presents a different shade of the classic reggae combined with a California-style of rock that this band does so well.  Between their reggae-rock fusion, their tight musicality, and the unique style they bring with this new album, Rebelution has created an interesting Summer playlist.

Anyone familiar with Rebelution’s previous work will immediately notice a difference in style, instrumentation, and overall mix as “Attention Span” opens the album.  There’s more ambiance in the track overall, and many elements have been made brighter, especially the brass.  On most of the songs, Rachmany’s vocals swell in and out in various sections, leaving extra room for instrumental work.  A few songs, especially “Feeling Alright,” have a more trippy vibe than their original cuts.  Many songs also provide extra instrumentation in the mix, making some feel much more alive, and allowing for a new taste.

This mix of reggae and rock takes an extra step with the production choices made.  Williams’s bass dominates in a way that still allows the rest of the music to stand out, and serves as an excellent counterpart to Finley’s drum work.  While the mixing took away the better rhythmic qualities of certain tracks,  the production on this album overall is impressive, and breathes a new life into the music.  Of course, Rebelution’s ability to groove shines through on this album, and some songs contrasted others in creative ways, despite little compositional variety overall.

“Mirage” stood out in particular, for its smooth feeling, with an extra haunting mix.  This song is a fine example of how Rachmany’s vocals benefit from the style on this album.  The ambiance on his voice gives a certain darkness to his bright tone, without sacrificing its presence in the mix.

The keys work by Carey also has a new color in these mixes, and makes the music much more full.  Rachmany’s guitar compliments and is complimented by the keys, and they work together to define the music’s tonality—both in the original and new cuts—and have an excellent new vibrance on this album.  With the grooves from the rhythm section, and  various new instrumentations, there is a freshness that doesn’t quite compare to Rebelution’s other albums.

Overall, The Dub Collection is a great choice for reggae and rock fans in general, and makes a solid introduction for new fans of Rebelution, as it peaks into the band’s various talents and takes on their genre.  It’s fun and  lively, but most importantly a jam that will keep this on repeat throughout the Summer and beyond!


As always, rock on my friends!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.5 out of 10

Artist: Rebelution,  LP: The Dub Collection   Release Date: July 17th, 2020,   Label:  Easy Star Records



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