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From Ashes to New is set to release their newest album, Panic, on August 28th and you do not want to miss out on this. This is the first time I have heard their music and I must say, it is killer.  I got major Linkin Park vibes from the album and it was no joking around from there.  I think taking on that iconic sound is one you have to do right, and From Ashes to New slayed  it on their latest album. Quite frankly, I was caught off guard by how great this one was out the gate.  With everything going on in the world, I can’t think of a better name for this album – PANIC.  Let’s go ahead and dive right in.

The album starts out with a track called “Scars That I’m Hiding” and at first listen, you really get sucked into the heavy screams by Brandyberry and the gut punching drums by Matt Madiro.  I really enjoy how they balance out the screaming and singing. It’s really easy to hear the nu-metal sound that Linkin Park gives off in their music.  They do a great job of evolving that sound into 2020 and making it work. They also give off a hint of I Prevail, and they are blowing up right now. The forward trajectory of From Ashes to New is definitely exciting to say the least.

The next song that really stood out to me was “Blind”, and it was the lyricism and flow to Brandyberry’s rock/rap vocals. It has such a powerful emotion that you can really feel as you continue to listen. You can tell a lot about a band when they are able to capture that emotion you are feeling, and then throw it into a song that is relatable.  A few songs later, you hit their big first single, and title track, “Panic”. They don't skip a beat and jump straight into it. In this particular song, Brandyberry’s screams are so identical to how Chester Bennington did his in Linkin Park that I couldn’t stop listening. The nostalgia I got from hearing those types of screams was unreal. They killed this track!

At the time of writing this, I am on my 3rd go-around of the album and I don’t think I can speak any more highly of how well it was crafted.  From composition to engineering, every song is without a doubt a banger. For my fans of Linkin Park and I Prevail, definitely give this a listen when it hits streaming platforms on August 28th. The moment concerts come back and life gets back to normal, I will be putting these guys on my bucket list to take photos of and see live. I just found a new album to keep me sane through this time and I’m so hyped!


As always, rock on my friends and stay safe!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  10 out of 10

Artist:  From Ashes to New LP: Panic  Release Date: August 28th, 2020,   Label: Better Noise Music



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