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Sometimes a bitter pill is easier to swallow if it is hidden in something sweet. Even the most hardened heart will succumb to a catchy hook if the melody is memorable enough. That’s where Melbourne’s Catholic Guilt comes in. Drawing influences from 90’s Alt-Rock, Emo and Post-Hardcore, these Australian songsmiths are paving their own path with their latest EP, This Is What Honesty Sounds Like, released on Wiretap Records.

Vocalist Brenton Harris modestly describes Catholic Guilt as “Honest Music” yet they are far more complex than they first appear. On the surface, their songs draw you in with catchy hooks and a welcoming Pop/Punk energy, however a closer listen will reveal a deeper emotional vulnerability hidden within their lyricism.

The band offers a guiding hand to the younger generation on their dynamic opening track, “A Boutique Affair”. A lesson to all that the quality of your relationships is what truly matters and that you should never take that for granted. In contrast, “Song of the Renter” takes a humorous jab at social issues while commenting on the long-term effects of neighborhood gentrification and the inevitable hipster influx that comes with it.“Three Part Harmony” is a melodic love song that will undoubtedly culminate into that defining moment in their live show where the lights turn down, lovers embrace and raise their lighters in the air.The vivid and uplifting song, “The Awful Truth” surprisingly holds an unapologetic commentary about the destruction of innocence and those that abuse their religious authority. Their EP comes to an elegant conclusion with “Nothing”, a spirited and triumphant message to the memory of a loved one who has passed on and the lessons gained from their life. A fitting song for the hardships we are all facing during this time of uncertainty and loss.

As the title of their latest EP expresses, Catholic Guilt is indeed the sound of honesty from the perspective of five talented musicians coming to terms with adulthood and the struggles that accompany it. Nestled within their own melodic, uplifting energy are lyrics that speak to us all on a universal emotional level. This is What Honesty Sounds Like is a triumph in songwriting from an up-and-coming band that revels in blazing a path that is clearly their own, all the while inviting us to walk alongside them.


As always, rock on my friends and stay safe!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  8.9 out of 10

Artist:  Catholic Guilt LP: This Is What Honesty Sounds Like  Release Date: August 28th, 2020,   Label:  Wiretap Records


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