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I was pretty hyped when I received Sevendust’s new album to review. I have been listening to them ever since hearing “Enemy” off their 2003 album, Seasons. Sevendust has such a great sound musically and has always kept it in the same realm from album to album. When they signed to Rise Records, I was like no way! Rise being one of my favorite labels, I could tell Sevendust was still in for the long haul and would continue to crush it. It’s been a little bit since I’ve dove into their discography, but I am excited to share my thoughts on their newest album Blood & Stone, formally being released  today. Let’s not waste too much time and jump right into it.

Sevendust doesn’t skip a beat from their last to present, kicking off Blood & Stone with “Dying to Live”. The incorporation of the electronic elements with hard-hitting riffs was an immediate attention grabber. I really wasn’t expecting that but I’m glad they did . I also really enjoyed the low tones on “Blood From A Stone", very crisp sound which adds a ton to the ultimate vibe of the track. And you have to give it to Lajon Witherspoon for always keeping his vocals consistent on each of their albums. You know you’re listening to Sevendust the moment you press play on this one - so killer! 

I love where we are in 2020 with music production because of how full you can make a song feel and Blood & Stone exemplifies that with every instrument. You get that full effect of that about 3 quarters of the way through “Feel Like Going On” where the riffs are just encapsulating your ears. The mixing done on this album is insane so props to their producer, Michael “Elvis” Baskette on a tremendous job. From a production perspective, I want to highlight “Kill Me” as well. The intro picking is the perfect dreamy feeling which keeps you tuned in waiting for more. And to top the entire album off, they end it with the Soundgarden’s “The Day I Tried To Live” and absolutely slayed it. A fantastic tribute to the late Chris Cornell.

I feel there comes a point where you have to ask yourself as a band if you keep making music or consider calling it a day.  Many bands of Sevendust's era have come and gone, but these guys continue to push out consistently solid jams that are technically solid and extremely relevant in the crazy world we all inhabit.   I have to give it to Sevendust for the dedication to their craft because some 25 years later, they continue producing mind blowing music that keeps fans coming back for more.  I love seeing bands I grew up listening to continue to succeed, and the moment live music returns, I am putting them on my bucket list to see live.

Overall, Sevendust's latest is 100% fire. I enjoyed Blood & Stone from beginning to end, and part of me wished there was more because of how much I loved it. I’m excited to see what this album does for Sevendust and their incredible legacy of high-octane metal madness going forward. Definitely give this album a spin because it is probably some of their best work to date - I can't get enough!


As always, be well and rock on!     Hunnypot Approved!     Overall Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Artist:  Sevendust  LP: Blood & Stone  Release Date: October 23rd, 2020,   Label: Rise Records

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