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What does it take to do three sets, in three time zones, in 15 hours? Ask Fozzy, as that is exactly how they kicked off their Judas Rising Tour, with a marathon of sets in Fort Myers, El Paso, and Las Vegas in a single day. Clips from these concerts were included in documentary fashion, in Fozzy Across America, as part of a live-stream concert produced over the weekend and filmed live in Atlanta, GA. The roughly two-hour event began with the mini-doc hyping up the tour, as well as the work ethic and all around energy Fozzy brings to the table, then led directly into Capturing Judas, featuring the band performing their tour set, live in the studio. It was a unique experience, which not only highlighted Fozzy’s creativity, but also showed the potential for live music in a time of scarcity.

Fozzy Across America gave a peek into the quick mini-tour of the same name, which launched the Judas Rising Tour. Interviews with the band and crew at the various locations, backstage and in-flight footage, and shots from the shows, featuring a soundtrack of music from the tour, not only made for an incredible promotion piece, but also gave insight into Fozzy’s personalities and relationships with each other, in a way that is not often seen for touring bands. Hearing about and seeing how those concerts came together, and witnessing the commitment to entertaining bona fide Fozzy fans was inspiring. Fozzy Across America seemed to be the perfect first step of Fozzy’s most recent tour, and seeing that come to life, along with the concert which followed, was the perfect way to cap it off.

As the world put restrictions on large gatherings, Fozzy had to improvise regarding their Judas Rising Tour, which is what led to Capturing Judas: a live-streamed, in-studio concert of the tour setlist, performed by Fozzy, and featuring story-telling about stops on the larger tour, as well as how the production was formulated. It was another creative glimpse into Fozzy’s personal sides, as well as a memorable performance, by more than live-stream standards. Performances live in the studio have a vibe that’s not quite the same as a traditional concert recording, and far different from polished studio albums. This performance allowed each song to have a composition and identity contrasted from their original album counterparts. Getting to see, and hear Fozzy talk about their techniques for these songs on tour was fascinating. It was also refreshing to get a live-streamed concert, which totally immersed the viewer, not only with the intro film, but with an elaborate audio and video setup. It is not easy for these types of events to hit as hard as they do in person, but Fozzy nailed it.

The entire production was thoughtfully pieced together, and was an oasis in what has mostly been a desert for new and interesting live showcases of music. Fozzy clearly cares about their true fans, and has an ongoing desire to bring their energy and hospitality, even in rather unconventional situations. In fact, it is in those situations Fozzy seems to be at their most creative; and we are all the more blessed for it.


If for some strange reason you missed the initial Livestream on November 14th, stress not.  Tickets are still available to purchase and will be available to watch until November 29th. Purchase tickets HERE


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