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It was only a matter of time before I got the opportunity to take photos of LANY. This was a very special one because my wife and I played one of their songs as we walked down the aisle at our wedding this year. She also accompanied to this show so it was inevitable that it would be a wonderful night. Keshi and Alana Springsteen also joined LANY that night to get things started. Let’s jump in.

Kicking things off for the night was country singer Alana Springsteen from Nashville. I didn’t realize she had jumped on the tour until that night when I saw her walk out on stage. She really was a crowd pleaser and bringing the energy to start the show. I didn’t recognize any of her songs, but I think that for what she was delivering, it was memorable. If you’re a fan of country music, she has a beautiful voice and knows how to bring a crowd together. I have a good feeling that she will be a big deal one day!

Next up was Keshi and let me tell you, he was such a vibe. Born in Houston, Texas, Keshi is a R&B/hip-hop artist that brings a whole new definition to the genre. He has a sound to his music that I think really grasps the listeners attention. He opened the set with “sins” to get things started and immediately you could tell why he was on tour with LANY. They have the same synthy sound. He kept it rolling with one of his most popular songs, “Beside You” and the crowd was invested in the performance. With nearly 4.5 million followers on Spotify, Keshi has built quite the following and the fans were loving him. He played some more hits and unreleased songs to close things out like “TOUCH” (unreleased), “Like I Need You”, and “2 Soon”. Great set all around.

And lastly, we were ready for the final act of the night, LANY. What was cool to see, is that the first time I saw them, it was at a small venue in Oklahoma City. The second time was at Southside Ballroom in Dallas. And this time it was at The Toyota Music Factory with their largest crowd yet. This band continues to outdo themselves and its awesome to watch.

They bust out the gate with “Get Away” and it was off to the races. The production was bright and exciting. I loved their use of the huge LED screens. Paul Klein was running all over the stage giving us some fun photo ops. I think I took my favorite photo ever of him. They had a 19-song set ahead of them and literally every song had the crowd jumping up and down and moving side-to-side. Some of my favorite songs from the night were “Roll Over, Baby”, “Dancing in the Kitchen”, “Malibu Nights”, and “ILYSB”. It was a whole vibe the entire time and I enjoyed singing all the songs right there with my wife. It truly was a night to remember.

I can’t express enough how great the show was, you just have to go experience LANY for yourself when they come to a city near you!



James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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