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To say I was excited for this show was an understatement. I hadn’t been to an electronic show in quite some time and of all the ones I had the opportunity to experience and shoot, it’s Porter Robinson’s headlining tour with Jai Wolf and James Ivy. I was ready for all the lights and good vibes.

Starting off the show was James Ivy, a singer and song writer from New York City. I had never listened to his music before, and I was surprised to see that he was touring with such big acts like Porter and Jai. Nonetheless, he killed it. He had just released a new EP back at the end of October right before this show, so he played a lot of songs from it. He busted out the guitar for a few songs and it was all around a solid performance. I definitely hit the follow button on Spotify after that.

Next up was Jai Wolf, and this one was a super special set for me. I’m part of the same fraternal organization that Sajeeb is but different universities. So being able to take photos of someone that is not only one of your favorite electronic DJs, but also a brother, was a cool experience. He walked up to the standing table that his mixer was on and then started the show. His visuals were fantastic the entire time. Though I didn’t get much of his face lit up, he made for some cool silhouetted photos. He played some of his top songs like “Starlight”, “Lose My Mind”, and of course we couldn’t miss seeing “Indian Summer” live. Having been listening to Jai Wolf for years now, I can say he is still one of my top favorites in the electronic world.

And lastly, we had Porter Robinson up next. They were setting the stage and people were crowding in to wait for it all to start. Lights go dim, spotlight comes across his piano, and Porter walks out to say hi to the crowd. He had the biggest smile on his face. Without hesitation he jumps right into “Something Comforting” and the crows goes wild. Luckily for me, he played one of my favorite songs while I was still in the photo pit, “Shelter”. Man, getting to experience that up close was such a wonderful time. I couldn’t keep a smile off my face because of how amazing it was to be hearing probably my all-time favorite electronic artist live.

Something I thought was so cool, was the fact that Porter sings every word live. They had a live voice pitcher and he proved to us that it was live. So insane. I was impressed with how well it all sounded too. He went on to play so many great songs like “Sad Machine”, “Flicker”, “Divinity”, and so many more. At one point he stopped the music and told the crowd that his parents were in the crowd and thanked them for being the best mom and dad. He then dedicated “Mother” to them and played it next. I was lucky enough to capture a photo of them watching Porter perform and it was a beautiful Kodak moment. He closed out the set with an encore playing both “Get Your Wish” and “Goodbye to a World”.

This was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. I can’t explain it other than you need to see all three of these guys next time they come to a city near you. Phenomenal.



James Coffman

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