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Where to begin… Unsilent Night returned to Dallas for the first time since 2015 and it was one hell of a time. So many artists and bands on the lineup that I was excited to see. And the array of punk-rock to rap artists was nuts. Seeing them all share the same stages was gonna make this day unforgettable. And to top it off, Sleeping With Sirens were headlining and playing Let’s Cheers To This in its entirety to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. It was a packed but exciting day. I’m going to be highlight the bands and artists I thought absolutely killed it. Let’s dive in

Girlfriends: I have been following Girlfriends ever since they got their start in 2020. Led by Travis Mills with Nick Gross on the drums, they hit the stage without skipping a beat. I first heard Travis when he was going by T. Mills and was doing rap nearly 10 years ago. So to see him bringing rock to the stage was truly a cool moment. They played many songs off their debut self-titled album. The songs I was most excited about were “California” and “Eyes Wide Shut”. They killed it.

Magnolia Park: Having not been on Magnolia Park for that long, the moment I heard their Halloween Mixtape, I was hooked. They are an awesome pop punk band that do a great job of creating a sound that gets you drawn in and you don’t want to stop listening. The two songs I couldn’t wait to hear were “Back On My Bullshit” because it features Jake Hill who was also there performing, and “Sick of It All”. 10/10 performance.

Jake Hill: I have been a fan of Jake Hill since probably 2017. He’s the type of artist that does it all. He’s done rap, metal, pop punk, and who knows what he will try next. Jake Hill is the epitome of a musician who loves creating and trying new things. He played all of the songs that I loved by him. He even played a new song from his recent side project Ur Pretty called “Keep Riding Me” and the crowd sang every word. It was a really cool experience seeing him live.

nothing,nowhere.: Another artist I have been following for quite some time, nothing,nowhere. He is also a solid mix of rap and pop punk that you can get so tuned into. I was super excited to see him play the old hits as well as the new punkish tracks that have been garnering him a ton of attention. Lots of people know him from his song “Hammer” and he did not let us down with that performance. I think he has so much more potential to hit even bigger stages. Loved every bit of his set.

Kenny Hoopla: I had been told about Kenny Hoopla in the past but I really didn’t know what I was missing out on until I saw him hit the stage. He straight up killed it - utilized the stage like a champ and gave a solid performance. Every song was very unique and didn’t let up as it progresses song to song. He also has such a great voice. Didn’t really expect that from looking at him. It was so dope and I can’t wait to see him again.

Nessa Barrett: It didn’t dawn on me who Nessa Barrett was until the day of the show. I thought I had heard of her from somewhere and then I came to realize she was TikTok famous and started her music career from there. Very pretty voice and definitely has some true talent. At one point she stopped to talk about why she wrote her song “La Di Die” and then all of a sudden Jaden Hossler (JXDN) came out on stage. I was so shaking because I am a huge fan of him and his music. Little did I know Nessa was his girlfriend and came out to sing with her. I was blown away. It was a pleasant surprise because I had been wanting to take photos of him for a while now. I was glad I got the opportunity to see both of them in action together.

grandson: I had been hearing so much about grandson that I was just excited to watch him perform. With 6.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, I figured out why he was such a phenomenal artist. He was running all over the stage and did not skip a beat. At one point he climbed up on the drum platform and jumped off about 10 feet in the air. It was absolutely insane. The crowd was going wild, and for a good reason. There was no act like him there and boy did he make some waves. 100% will be seeing him again when he comes back through Dallas.

Sleeping With Sirens: And lastly the headlining event, Sleeping With Sirens. This was a special one for me because their Let’s Cheers To This album was the album that made me a fan. I have been listening to them for nearly 10 years and to be able to say that I finally saw them play the title track live was beautiful. I’ve seen them probably half a dozen times and this one will go down as my favorite performance. Kellin has such a presence to him that when he is on stage, you become captivated by the notes he can hit. They were probably the best band to close out the show. I can’t think of anyone better to do so.

In the end, I really have to give it to the Third String Productions team for pulling off such a wonderful festival. So meticulous in who they chose to play and a round of applause to them for absolutely crushing the whole day. Good vibes the entire time. I can’t wait for Unsilent Night 2022. I know it will be even better than this one.




James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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