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Valentine’s day, the day of love, is the perfect day to attend a Faye Webster concert. Faye has been on her I Know I’m Funny haha tour with her band, and they recently performed at the beautiful (and packed) Seattle venue Neumos on Feb 14th. Neumos is perfectly sized for a show like Faye’s, it’s big enough to hold a large crowd with a main floor and balcony that overs looking the stage, but small enough to make the music experience intimate.  Let's dig in to the show.

Kate Bollinger, an up and coming indie pop songwriter-singer from Richmond, VA, opened the show with a mix of songs from her many EP’s and single releases. Under the shimmering disco ball, Kate’s cool laid-back performance got the crowd grooving. Throughout her set, I found myself bobbing my head and dancing to her ultra-smooth melodies.  Looking around Neumos, the near-capacity crowd was also mesmerized and one could tell they were digging what Kate was putting out.  Bollinger's definitely a star on the rise, so keep a watch out for her as I'm sure she'll be breaking out in a big way in 2022. 

After Kate Bollinger's beautiful performance, the crowd was ready for the headliner, Faye Webster. Before getting on stage, Faye and her band got on the mics backstage and goofed around making laughing sounds, like “Haha..  Haha.. Haha.. Haha…” the crowd stood in silence not really sure of what was happening. Then suddenly the lights went down and Faye and her band took the stage. Opening with  “Better Distractions”,  the first song on her new album I know I’m Funny haha. It was followed by a few more songs from the album and then Faye took a small pause to interact with her fans, wish them Happy Valentines,  along with sharing some of her fun road stories.  

The audience asked Faye about her Yo Yo, which she has been known for carrying around with her,  and someone from the audience gave her flowers for Valentine’s Day.  She then started telling the the crowd how she had picked up a new hobby on the road and had been playing Super Smash Bros on her Nintendo Switch, which also doubled as an iPod listening to the game soundtracks on loop. Webster then began to play a special track covering the song “7 PM” from the game Animal Crossing. The iconic track was elevated by her amazing melodies, a touch of jazz guitar and keyboard, creating a funny yet nostalgic performance. Very fitting to the name of her album and tour. 

For the final song, Faye Webster's band exited the stage leaving her alone for a solo acoustic performance of her song “Half of Me”. The place went completely quiet and everyone just listened to her lovely voice. It was a perfect way to end the show, and one that I am sure will stick with me for quite some time.


Sarthak Kher

Photojournalist - Seattle

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