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Judas Priest exploded back into action on their re-scheduled 50 Heavy Metal Years Tour Tuesday Night at the Shrine in Los Angeles.  Opening for Judas on Tuesday night were none other than Seattle based prog-rockers, Queensryche.

Just months after guitarist Richie Faulkner’s health alert forced them off the road last September right before the previous LA show at the Nokia Arena. Faulkner suffered an aortic aneurism while on stage at the Louder than Life Festival.  In an epic display of Metal, he continued to play and finished playing “Painkiller” and the rest of the set before being rushed to the hospital.  Faulkner had an emergency surgery, and was soon on the road to recovery.  

In the meantime Metal God Rob Halford had an odd epiphany that he thought Judas Priest should go back on the road as a 4-Piece band in honor of the bands early days. Guitarist Andy Sneap was unceremoniously out and they were heading out as a 4-piece.  Luckily for fans the insanity only lasted days, and Sneap was brought back in and all was forgotten. The twin guitar sound of Judas Priest has become so integral to the live show that it’s impossible to imagine seeing them just as a 4 piece.  Sneap and Faulkner with both on fire with their dueling flying V’s commanding the stage.

The 20-song set perfectly encompassed the tone of the night which was to celebrate the legacy that is Judas Priest.  The Pitchfork cross, Halford Riding his Harley onto the stage and even the encore featuring Glenn Tipton for the final 3 Songs all struck the right tone of nostalgia mixed with the raw power of Halford’s searing voice.  Make no mistake, he still has the pipes and the rage of the band rocked the stage for hours.   For those who have waited for over a year since the concert was announced the throngs were head banging in the aisles by the time “Living after Midnight” brought the house down. 

Halford and the gang are far from done.  If Faulkner’s brush with death has done anything, it’s instilled a burst of passion in the band to create more higher octane Metal.  The new more progressive album looks to hit the world sometime in 2023 but for now fans have to be thrilled to have Judas Priest back at full throttle on stage to continue their tour. 


Full Set List

One Shot at Glory

Lightning Strike

You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Freewheel Burning

Turbo Lover

Hell Patrol

The Sentinel

A Touch of Evil

Rocka Rolla

Victim of Changes

Desert Plains

Blood Red Skies

Diamonds & Rust




The Hellion

Electric Eye

Hell Bent for Leather

Metal Gods - (with Glenn Tipton)

Breaking the Law - (with Glenn Tipton)

Living After Midnight - (with Glenn Tipton)



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