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On Saturday April 9th, Dayseeker and crew brought the heat to The Loft in Dallas, Texas. As someone who has been following them from quite some time, seeing them with We Came As Romans last October, I was so excited for this intimate show. Being a smaller venue, everyone was in for a great night up close with each of the bands. Dayseeker was joined by ThornhillHolding AbsenceCaskets, & Future You.

Up first were Dallas natives, Future You. I had never heard their music before but after that night, I will be following their future releases. Having only 2 songs live on Spotify, this brand-new band is set to take a stake in the scene after this performance opening for these insane acts. I think my favorite song they played had to be “Let Go”.

A neat thing about this tour was Dayseeker sought out international bands to have come tour with them. Most of the other bands had never done a tour in the states so for us, it was cool to be at the show. One of those, and next up, was London natives, Caskets. I had heard a lot about them from some friends of mine and I really loved the energy they brought to the stage. From song to song, they continued to keep the crowd engaged and off their feet. Can’t wait to see them again soon!

Following their set was Holding Absence, another one that was touring in the states for the first time they said. What I really enjoyed about their set was how each song had fantastic melody lines. Their lead singer, Lucas Woodland, had an awesome voice and was hitting some insane notes. I realized straight away that this band was the real deal and so look forward to see how high they will climb.  Awesome!

Next up were Australia based band, Thornhill. They have been popping up in different playlists that I’ve been listening to recently, so I was very interested in seeing them live. It was something about their image and presentation that I found super interesting. They hit the stage and immediately I was blown away by the way their lead singer sang over the heavy riffs. From time to time he would let out an intense scream. It was quite impressive to say the least. I understood why they have been popping up everywhere I’ve been consuming music. Such a powerful stage performance and a band I know I will be staying in the loop of.

Finally, Dayseeker was ready to take the stage. I have been emotion their drummer put into every song as well. I feel like the snare was just about ready to pop by how hard he was hitting it. I really enjoyed their two songs “Afterlife” and “Gravity” from the set. Such a great band! I have been listening to them for a couple years now ever since I discovered their "Hello" cover by Adele. This was their first ever headlining tour and the have been selling shows out left and right on this run, Dallas being one of them. Rory Rodriguez has one of the best voices in the scene right now and he is as good live as he is in the studio. The stage was set, lights were coming up and then Dayseeker hit the stage. For being a smaller stage setup, they made it seem big with the production. It was exciting to hear all my favorite songs by them like “Burial Plot”, “Drunk”, “Neon Grave”, and “Sleeptalk”. Having seen them not too long before this, they brought so much more energy to this show. They really gave it their all. I cannot wait to see them continue to succeed and sell out even bigger venues.

Overall, Dayseekers and their Sleepwalk Tour was a phenomenal show and exceeded my expectations on all levels.  It was a performance for the ages and one you definitely won't want to miss!

James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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