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On the eve of 4/20, Dizzy Wright and his crew brought the smoke to The Crocodile in Seattle, WA. I recently came across Dizzy Wright’s music and when I found out he was going to be in town for his 10 year anniversary tour of his first album SmokeOut Conversations, I couldn’t wait to see him perform live. Being someone who loves rap music, I was pumped to be back at a live rap show after a fat minute. I was looking forward to night full of sick beats, heavy bass and some fire bars. And that is exactly what I got! 

To kick off the show the Tucson based rapper Marley B took the stage and started dropping some heat! His flow was crazy, the words per minute this guy could spit was insane. He started going off and got the crowd hyped. In between his songs, he expressed his love for Seattle and how every time he’s been to the city he’s had a great time. At which point, he took off his jacket and revealed the OG Sonics jersey he was wearing underneath for his last two songs. 

Next up was Toxsikk and he made people drinking at the back of the bar to finish their drinks and come join the rest of the crowd. It was a Tuesday night, the crowd was relatively small. So, him calling out everyone in the way back of the venue to come up definitely changed the energy of the room for better. He was quite calm yet powerful on stage. He had a swag about his stage presence. 

As the crowd was getting charged up Demrick came on with some good old traditional rap bars. Following Toxsikk, Demrick’s set was the perfect transition. He was so good and having fun on stage. A highlight from his set was when a fan kept trying to hand over his phone to Demrick to record a selfie video of him rapping and he finally noticed, grabbed the phone and performed in to it. I bet that made the fan’s night. 

After Demrick, DJ Hoppa came on played some mixes before playing an intro video for Dizzy. It was a heartfelt montage and message from Dizzy about his 10 year rap journey. As soon as the video ended, the room went dark, the crowd went silent and then the bass dropped and out came Dizzy with the smoke. Right of the bat, he took the crowd by storm. They were ready for him and he gave them his all. Dizzy performed songs from each year in the last decade. Before starting a track he expressed his feelings and remembered the story behind each of them. Which I thought was very cool and made his performance even more special and intimate. Dizzy, released his first album SmokeOut Conversations on April 20th, 2012. Getting to watch him appreciate all he has achieved and celebrate his 10 her anniversary was a sight I'll never forget. I can’t wait to see him again. 

 It was a beautiful night filled with some great rap music. Dizzy Wright with Marley B, Toxsikk and Demrick gave it their all and delivered some amazing performances. The crowd left with a big smiles on their face and so did I!

Sarthak Kher

Photojournalist - Seattle

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