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Outstanding veteran alternative rock band Cold rocked the Brick by Brick with a set full of passionate heavy melodic hits.  From 1998 to 2019, Cold has released 6 studio albums including two certified gold – 13 Ways to Bleed (2000) and my favorite Year of the Spider (2003).  The band, exactly halfway through a 36-city tour, cranked out many familiar hits from their glory days, but also showcased newer material that was incredible and should not be overlooked.  The band’s only original band member, vocalist Scooter Ward, was in fine form displaying his familiar warm tones and diverse vocals combining power, finesse, and emotion.

Three songs into the show, fans screamed at the opening notes of standout hit “No One” off their breakout album 13 Ways to Bleed.  If I had to pick just one song to represent Cold, this tune would be it.  It’s such a unique track sonically – a restrained catchy guitar hook over melancholy vocals and a mesmerizing hooky chorus supported by huge power chords and drums that musically match the lyrical mood expressing the emptiness of being left alone and alienated.  Another fan favorite, “Suffocate” dialed up the energy to the next level and the set kept rolling all night.  Of course, the catchy commercial hit “Stupid Girl”, generated the biggest audience reaction of the evening – it’s just a great melodic rock tune. Guitarist Johnny Nova and bassist Lindsay Manfredi’s played fantastic, powering home that familiar heavy but melodic Cold sound. 

Soaking up the nostalgic hits was incredibly fun, but I must also call attention to a newer song “Quiet Now” off their latest release on Napalm Records The Things We Can’t Stop (2019).  It gave me the chills.  The song, which some might label a power ballad, captures the deep pain of losing someone and Ward’s lyrics are incredibly emotional:

"It's a little too quiet now, And it's harder everyday, I'll stand in the storm till the world is gone to keep you in my dreams, It's a little too quiet now, And no time can heal this pain, I'll stand up to god like I'm superman to keep you close to me, It's a little too quiet now..."

Fortunately for us rock fans, Cold has found their second wind, and continues to create incredibly emotional heavy music that grabs your attention. If you liked Cold in their glory years, don’t overlook their newer material and go see them live on tour now!

Be well and keep rockin’!

Greg Vitalich

Photojournalist - San Diego

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