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Coming out of So What! Fest, I knew it was going to be exciting jumping back into a photo pit at the House of Blues in Dallas. And what better way to do that than with the kings themselves in Bayside and Thrice with special guests, Anxious. I had seen Bayside before, but I knew I was in for a treat with Thrice. They’ve been at it for so long and I was stoked to just get back to it and enjoy some live music. Let’s dive right in.

Starting out the show were Connecticut natives, Anxious. Going in blind to their performance, I was intrigued as to what I was going to experience given they were on this tour. I was not let down in the slightest. They came out swinging with energy. You always have to wonder how the opener of the show will get things started and they didn’t hold back. Jumping around on stage and giving the people what they want. At one point, they brought out a couch while they were playing and the guys from Thrice and Bayside just sat down and drank while Anxious played. It was incredible. Stoked to see more from them!

Next up was Thrice. I was anxiously waiting for this one because of all the good things I heard about their performances and stage presence. Well, I wasn’t lied too, it was phenomenal. They gave it to us 100% of the time. The crowd was going insane. Jumping, singing, all of it. I knew I was at a good show the moment I heard the roaring of the fans. They played ALL the hits. I wish I could have been in the pit longer to take in more of the moment because it was incredible. I really enjoyed each moment of the set. I honestly can’t wait to see them roll through Dallas again.

Lastly the dudes in Bayside hit the stage. I was curious how they were going to compete with Thrice, but they came out and matched the same energy as Thrice. Co-headline tours are dope because you feel like you get two headlining performances. Bayside was 100% raw talent. I saw them quite a few years ago and it was almost like they didn’t skip a beat. Being at it 20 years, I was excited that they still gave it their all. Playing the hits, getting the crowd involved, and listening to some pure rock music was hat Bayside brought to the stage. Fantastic performance, and a fantastic time at yet another rock show.

Dallas was the end of the tour so I guess you can say they saved the best city for last!

James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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