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When I was first turned on to Fame on Fire, it was via a YouTube video for one of their uniquely catchy covers of Adele’s “Hello”.  Digging in a little bit further, I found the band had developed an almost cult-like following for their recreations of hits from major artists like Juice Wrld, The Weeknd, and Halsey (to name a few).  At the time, they came across to me as no more than a gimmick from some guys I’d probably classify as a ‘high-end’ cover band.  Boy was I wrong.

With the release of Fame on Fire’s highly anticipated Welcome to the Chaos, fans will likely get reintroduced to a band that they may have likely misclassified in previous years.  This 12-song banger (along with one killer intro track) is definitely not an album of covers (as many might have imagined), but a thoughtfully curated masterpiece that will appeal to fans of rock, rap, and alternative music alike. 

What initially stood out about Welcome to the Chaos was its super clean sound and near-flawless production quality.  Usually, initial releases like this will have one or two well-mixed songs and then a bunch more that are at or below average.  Not this one.  From the opening salvo of “Welcome to the Chaos (ft. Spencer Charnas)” to the final crescendo of “Dead or Alive”, this one delivers consistently on all cylinders.  I listened to the album 4 or 5 times in a row and couldn’t honestly single out one track that fell short of expectations.

On top of killer production, I’d also be remiss not to call out the incredible musician ship of Bryan Kuznitz (vocals), Blake Saul (guitarist), Paul Spirou (bass), and Alex Roman (drums).  Upon first spin of Welcome to the Chaos, I was pleasantly surprised how tight the band actually was. Each track seemingly built upon the next with unique vocals, catchy lyrics, and God-given musical ability that is second to none.  This is demonstrated in tracks like “Ketamine”, “Emo Shit (ft. Kody Lavigne)”, and “Rotting Away”.  I found myself listening to these tracks over and over– they are that good.

Bottom line, Fame on Fire’s latest, Welcome to the Chaos, is a solid release that will quickly climb the charts upon its release.  It’s a wonderful album that checks off all the boxes (and then some) including music that is relevant, catchy, and powerful. These examples above showcase why Fame on Fire is simply not a one-trick-pony, but a truly unique and sonically diverse band that will quickly differentiate itself from others and position themselves as rising stars within the musical universe in not-so-distant future.  They are definitely the real deal, so grab yourself a copy when Welcome to the Chaos when it is released this Friday.  It’s definitely one of the best cover to cover albums I’ve listened to in years…

Matthew Belter

Editor - Long Beach

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