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It was another rainy day in Dallas, Texas but that didn’t stop the show from going on. Miss May I was not only one of the first metal bands I heard but one that helped paved the way for my post hard core journey and part of what got me here today. So, to say this show was a bit special was an understatement. Joined by Currents, Kingdom Of Giants, and LANDMVRKS, we were all in for such a treat of a show as Miss May I celebrates the release of their eighth studio album, Curse Of Existence. As the rain settled with only a 30 minute delay to the show, we were ready for a night of good music ahead. 

Starting things off were France natives, LANDMVRKS. Completely new to them I was not sure what to expect but knew it was sure to be great given they were on tour with Miss May I. Little did I know they were going to be fantastic. Such high energy with some of the gnarliest screams from Florent Salfati. Given I was so new to them, I didn’t know any words to the songs but I did however really groove with hat thy were putting out there. A great example of discovering new music by being in the right place at the right time. All in all, a solid set from these guys and stoked to see them doing the thing in the US.

Next up were the KINGS in Kingdom of Giants. A band that I first heard about probably 10 years ago when their Abominable EP dropped. Over the time since, I have been seeing them drop some major heat, so it was exciting to be able to finally witness them live after all this time. With the release of their 2020 album Passenger, I had some bangers saved and was excited to hear them live. They rush out on stage and just get to it. They really do such a well job mixing the cleans and heavy screams. Found myself vibing in the pit while they were playing. Jumping all over stage and getting in your face was sure to set the tone for the show. I heard some favorites like “Two Sons”, “Finder”, and “Bleach” from the new record. 10/10 performance.

Following them were the direct supporters, Currents. Another band on the lineup that I never found myself listening to but knew again it was about to be super sick. Miss May I knows how to pick them. I love when a band I never really listened to before blows me away on stage. That is truly a testament to the effort they put into their legacy as a band. I loved everything I heard from them. I had to look up some songs from the night, but I definitely enjoyed hearing “Monsters”, “Kill The Ache”, and “Better Days”. These songs were all a total vibe and great additions to the set. And not to mention the stage presence of them all. The bassist was all over the place and the guitarist had some of the best licks on the strings I’ve ever heard live. Another 10/10 set.

And finally, we bring ourselves to the last and most anticipated performance of the night, Miss May I. Our show fell on the day after the new album released so it was PERFECT timing for everyone to go give it a listen before they played songs off of it at the show and boy were we in for a treat. Lights go dim, a deep tone graces our ears, and we know what’s about to happen. The band started making their way to the stage and Levi Benton runs out to get the crowd hyped up. They begin their set with “Unconquered” and the show was performance was off to a fire start. It was so dope to be in the pit taking photos of them for the first time since first listening to them over a decade ago. Seeing them over the years more than a handful of times, this time was a special one. The set continued and everyone was in sync head banging and jumping up and down to the heavy riffs. The intro to “Relentless Chaos” came on and I had a hit of nostalgia hit. One of my favorites by them. Really can’t beat the cool riff at the beginning and the anthem that they sing. The band left the stage, but the drummer and we were graced with an insane drum solo. 2 solid minutes of Jerod Boy slaying the drums was EPIC. And lastly, the song everyone was there to hear, “Forgive & Forget” was the closing song. Crowd went wild. Fantastic ending to a bad ass show!



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