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It goes without saying that Korn will go down as one of the best rock bands in history. Having started listening to them when I was just a young lad, they sure helped mold my music influence over the years. I got the opportunity almost exactly a year ago to the day to finally capture them and it was an honor to be able to do it again alongside some incredible photogs. Joined by Evanescence, Palaye Royale, and Dana Dentata, it was surely going to be one hell of a night. Let’s jump in.

Starting off the show was Dana Dentata and boy was it a whole show. Coming out on stage with a full-on black leather mask with her long ponytails coming out the top. It was one of the more interesting outfits I’ve seen from an artist, but she was super dope and had a cool sound to her. It was a new experience for me, but she was fun to watch interact with the crowd and show her personality through the set. I feel like she has a solid future ahead of her.

Up next were talk of the town in the scene Palaye Royale. Having only really started hearing about them after So What! Music Festival, Palaye Royale has been getting a lot of buzz for their onstage performance and ode to the past type of rock style they exude on stage. Still fairly new to me, it was cool to finally see them live and let alone on a super cool tour with some rock legends. The lead singer and guitarist really stood out and gave everyone a show. Not only were their outfits flashy, but the energy they brought to the stage was a great experience. Excited for their growth.

Evanescence was getting ready to take the stage. The tension in the stadium was in full force as people got ready to experience the talent that was Amy Lee. This was my first time getting to see them live. It was not only an ode to my childhood but so many others in that pavilion. I was ready to hear the classics and finally experience “Bring Me To Life” live and in person. The lights drop and Amy comes out on a platform behind the drummer. I think I got my favorite photo in that moment from their set. She really is as good live as she is on record. Everyone on stage was giving it their all! I heard so many songs that I’d never heard before too which was great because it brought me back to the appreciation, I have for hearing songs for the first time live. The time came and “Bring Me To Life” was up next. There wasn’t a single person not singing in the crowds. They closed out the set with “My Immortal” and “Blind Belief”. 10/10 and will see them again.

And finally, the reason we are all there, Korn. Leading up to this moment after watching the first 3 incredible acts, we were all ready to experience the legends that are Korn. The first time seeing them was everything I had hoped for. This time around I was ready to take it all in again. The neat thing about this show was that they came back with an all new production including an LED screen that dropped in front of them during some songs displaying a ton of cool graphical elements like storms, fire, and eyeballs. They took it to a whole new level. Last year, Jonathan Davis was battling covid and couldn’t put his all into it but this year, we got 110% from him and the rest of the members. While the first two songs with the screen down as challenging to shoot, the 3rd gave me all the opportunities to get the right shots. I could go on about how incredible each song was but the highlights were definitely “Falling Away From Me”, “Y’all Want A Single”, “Blind”, and “Freak On A Leash” featuring a surprise performance from Amy Lee. I remember hearing the Amy Lee version of that song years ago and never thought I’d see the day that her and Jonathan Davis did it together on stage. I loved every moment and without a doubt will be there the next time they roll through Dallas again.



James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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