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Royalty within the subgenre of indie- bedroom pop, performed at Anaheim’s House of Blues on Thursday; I am talking of course of the group Dayglow who was accompanied by an opener of a similar caliber, the artist known as Ritt Momney. The two bands performed for a sold out venue and gave the audience a unique look at their unparalleled styles. Ritt Momney, who joined Dayglow for their People in Motion Tour, brought their indie-rock energy and energized the crowd in preparation for Dayglow. By the time that main act joined the stage, the liveliness was extraordinary. Sloan Struble - front man for Dayglow, performed songs new and old, from the new People In Motion as well from the fan favorite, the career exploding and iconic Fuzzybrain

Ritt Momney, didn't only warm up the crowd, he full on broiled us. Ritt Momney brought such an intense stamina to The House of Blues, in a discography that continued to ramp up and up and up. Jake Rutter (Ritt Momney himself), performed some of my personal favorites, “Not Around” and his very first song produced, “Young Adult '', giving a deeper glimpse into the passion behind Rutter’s personal attachment with his discography. His devotion to his music was noticeable, and for those unaware, Ritt Momney is coming from making music in his bedroom with his first album, Her and All of My Friends, which depicts his personal detachment with the Mormon culture as well as the relationships lost along the way. He has since released two full albums and an abundance of singles. I have no doubt that Ritt Momney will be headlining shows in the coming years. His performance concluded with one of his most infamous songs, the one and only, the tik tok famous, “Put Your Records On”. This song was the impeccable exclamation mark at the end of Ritt Momney’s setlist, fortifying the audience’s anticipation for the coming performance. 

Dayglow has also come a long way from their infancy. From making music in his bedroom on Garage Band, Sloan Struble built his first album Fuzzybrain from the ground up in 2019. He now has three full LPs including the recent release of the brand-new People In Motion. On Thursday, Struble performed songs from a variety of their discography. To which all gave an extremely similar sound to the source material emphasizing the natural talent flowing from Stuble’s mind. My only caveat with his performance was the lack of physical movement within the performance, yet the skill Dayglow has mastered, to not only play an instrument but sing as well is not an easy feat. It is clear that Dayglow has a particular sound that is complex to recreate, and to be permitted to hear this novel fusion of psychedelic pop and blissful melodies was sincerely a dream come true. 

When it comes to the indie genre, both performers are names to keep an eye on. They both have infamy within the genre and are only bound to go up from this point. I will be keeping a close eye on releases coming from both Dayglow and Ritt Momney in the foreseeable future and encourage everyone to do the same. Those looking for a new indie fix, I cannot recommend these performers more. 


Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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