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It was 2015, the last time I saw Bring Me The Horizon. They had just released That’s The Spirit and they were touring for the album. It was when I really started to tune into what they were creating, and I was 100% there for it. While Sempiternal was great, it still didn’t fully catch my attention, but "Throne" did the moment it released with the album. I kept up with them and it only got better from there. The moment they started releasing singles for POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR, I was locked in and ready for more. On the announcement of the album tour, I saw it was with Grandson, Knocked Loose, and Siiickbrain and immediately knew I had to be there. The day arrived and we made our way to the The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. Unfortunately, we heard prior to the show that Knocked Loose was not able to be there due to their bus breaking down. It was a letdown, but I’ll be sure to catch them next time they are in the area.

First up was Siiickbrain, an artist I was in the presence of at So What! Music Festival but was not able to see. I was stoked to be able to witness the uniqueness they exude on stage. This being my first time, I went in with no expectations. I was excited to experience a new artist. She opened with "Overdrive" from her Ashtray for Your Agony EP and the show was off to the races. I really enjoyed the stage presence from her as she walked across the left and right in what I’d say was a very mysterious manner. In the 6-song set, we got all the bangers from Siiickbrain. It was an experience, that’s for sure, but I walked away intrigued and thinking I’ll see her again in the future. Having not released a debut album yet but singles and Eps, she sure has made an impact in the scene given the 700K monthly listeners on Spotify. 10/10.

Next up was Grandson, a guy I had seen 2 times before, who has literally taken the industry by storm. I always look forward to seeing him on stage because he does not keep the energy held in. You really get to feel it with him and everyone in the crowd. He started his set with “6:00” and immediately he was jumping all around. The crowd was getting wild at this point. I think Bring Me The Horizon did a good job picking their tour mates this go around as Grandson got the crowd incredibly hype for them. Grandson is the type of performer that doesn’t just give you the run of mill walk across stage – he is running non-stop back and forth to make sure the crowd doesn’t skip a beat. He went on to play "We Did It!!!", "Riptide’" and my personal favorite – "Blood // Water" to close out the set. There really isn’t anything much like a Grandson set and everyone should find their way to one of his shows one day soon.

Lastly, the songs we have been waiting for all night were about to be played by the legends themselves, Bring Me The Horizon. The crowd patiently waits as the house music plays and teases everyone as each come to an end but then the next starts. Without expecting it, the lights drop, and a screen comes on with an AI looking character setting the tone for the show. Something I had never seen before but I was there for it. The audio drops and you hear the beginning of "Can You Feel My Heart" start to play and the crowd goes nuts. The Toyota Pavilion was nearly shaking with the roar of the fans singing and chanting. The first three songs from the pit went extremely quick and then it was out to the crowd to enjoy the rest of the set.

The production was absolutely insane. There was so much light in the room, it didn’t even feel like it should have been a Bring Me show. The amount of success that they have seen in the last 2 years has skyrocketed them to a point where their time and resources could be put into putting on one of the best tour shows ever. Oli Sykes was so animated that it made for a fun experience watching him and every other member of the band on stage. The different levels of the set-up really gave it some depth and overall made the viewing experience that much better. The floor lights that illuminated up on everyone was certainly a cool effect and made for some dope photos. They went on to play new and old songs that were fan favorites like "Parasite Eve" that they released during the Covid lockdown. "DiE4u" was one that I didn’t even think about when I got there and it straight up blew me away - I was vibing. They closed out the show with "Throne" from That’s The Spirit and left everyone speechless (metaphorically because there wasn’t a single person not cheering in the room). It was a solid 7 year wait but I’m glad I got to witness them again. What a show.



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