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The time is the 80s. The sunset strip is alive with metal. Glam metal is all the rage as bands and fans alike walk the strip with skintight leather pants, hair teased and sprayed to high hell, and rock out to songs about partying and hooking up. Many people look back at these times with fond memories, and other looks back and laugh at the style choices that were made. There’s one band that looked back at all this and decided, let’s bring it back! Steel Panther roared onto the scene in the year 2000, and has been keeping the glam days alive with their raunchy lyrics and wild party themed shows ever since. The band just released their sixth studio album, On the Prowl, and hit the road to support it. Playing the House of Blues Anaheim and bringing with them Tragedy & Crobot. Fans were putting on their tightest spandex, most colorful outfits again to rock out to some 80s glam classics (written in the new millennium).

Opening the night was a band called Tragedy an “All metal tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond”! The band hit the stage with a slew of costume assortments that had them dressed like 70s disco-ers, glam metal & gothic rockers, and a black metal drummer. Passing lead vocals across the band, it seemed that every member could sing and hit those high notes they needed to. With Disco Mountain Man handling vocals and keys, Mo’Royce Peterson sharing guitar duties and vocals, Andy Gibbous Waning on the bass and vocals, Gibbon Ass Freehly sharing guitar responsibilities and vocals, and The Infernal Demigibb on the drums and the only one not on vocals. Tragedy played a set of covers that have been turned metal like “Tragedy” by the Bee Gees, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight” by ABBA, “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls, “How Deep is Your Love?” by the Bee Gees, and ending with the ultimate Bee Gee classic “Stayin’ Alive.”

Up next is a band that is starting to make waves in the rock scene, called Crobot. I had no idea what to expect from this band as a man was wheeled out to the front of the stage strapped to an electric chair, accompanied by a mad scientist. The man in the chair happened to be lead singer Brandon Yeagley, and we had to electrocute him to bring him to life so he could perform. As the lights flickered, and Brandon was brought to life, he enthusiastically came to life and captivated the crowd within seconds as the band jumped into their opening song “Electrified”! Brandon danced, boogied, and swung the mic stand all across the stage for the entire 40 minute set. He was a man with unlimited energy. Backed by Chris Bishop on Guitar who looked like a punk rocker, but played the funkiest of hard rock guitar licks. Bassist Tim Peugh stood out like a hardcore man who maintained the groove with drummer Dan Ryan slamming away on the cymbals in the back. Crobot played songs like “Dizzy,” “Livin’ on the Streets,” “Gasoline,” “The Necromance,” “Golden” which was dedicated to Chris Cornell, “Low Life,” and ending their set with “Without Wings.” If you’re a fan of The Darkness, I would highly recommend checking out Crobot!

You could feel a change in the energy. As you looked around, all of the giant 80s glam wigs were dawned by countless fans in the audience, and adorning neon sweat bands. The crowd was ready to rock out with their cocks out. Steel Panther hit the stage with their song “Eyes of a Panther” and we were all transported back to the glam metal days. As lead singer Michael Starr trotted onto stage ready to entice all the lovely ladies in the audience, every person in crowd male or female was screaming in utter joy. Guitarist Satchel, armed with his iconic Pussy Melter guitar pedal from the riffs inspired by Mick Mars & C.C. DeVille. Drummer Stix Zadinia was in the back giving us a show of his own filled with stick tricks, and blasting beats. Bassist Spyder is the newest member of the bands, filling the pumps of former member Lexxi Foxx. And Spyder fits the spandex perfectly, jiving and riffing with the band.

At a Steel Panther show it’s not just music for the masses. You also get a good helping of comedy from the members. The guys are all almost perfect stand up comedians roasting each other and making some of the raunchiest jokes about getting laid and scoring coke. They remind everyone what made the 80s so free and fun. It’s also an audience participation show, as they brought up a fan named Tim to sing a cover of Motley Crue’s “Shout at the Devil.” A fan named Sierra was brought on stage so that the guys could see who could serenade her the best before singing “Girl From Oklahoma” dedicated to Sierra. And then bringing up any girl who wanted to dance on stage, including any girl who was transitioning was welcome to join for “Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)” & “Party All Day (Fuck All Night).” The whole night was a night of unabashedly fun and debauchery with songs like “Let Me Cum In,” “Asian Hooker,” “All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight),” “Death to All But Metal,” “1987,” “Community Property,” and ending their set with my personal favorite “Gloryhole.” Steel Panther helped remind everyone that the 80s glam still has a lot to offer.

Sometimes you need a night where you can just let loose and have fun, with not a care in the world. This was what this night was for. Steel Panther reminded people that sometimes you just gotta let the fun times roll and let it all hang out there for everyone to see. Tragedy brought the Bee Gees groove, and Crobot brought the funk to everyone. Then Steel Panther rounded out the night with a huge 80s party! Steel Panther will be returning to the Sunset Strip where it all began and playing at the Whisky A Go Go for a two-night event on April 6th & 7th. If you did not have the chance to make the House of Blues Anaheim show, you better not miss the party on the strip.

Matt Martinez

Editor - Orange County

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