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Cuco is a Mexican-American songwriter and artist that has blown up in the indie scene. It is safe to say that Cuco has been a major influence for the exploding  subgenre of Bedroom Pop. His mix of latin music, synthy electronic, and passionate blend of spanish and english lyrics all come together to make up the tone of Cuco.

Omar Banos, aka Cuco, has been making music since 2017 and quickly created an unparalleled sound. His music is for those looking to reminisce while chilling out. Cuco’s music is a pleasant trip and live, packed with an even greater punch. In-person Cuco sounded just as satisfying, if not more. Paired with his live instrumentals, Cuco and friends were able to bring the mellow vibes to each audience member. It became immediately clear how devout Cuco’s fans are. Once entering the stage Banos received a multitude of flowers, toys, and posters. Throughout the night fans continued to send material gifts his way. Cuco showed nothing but love and appreciation for his fans, and even stopped midway through the show to check in on a fan. Not only was love shown for his fans, but his team as well. At the end of the night, Banos brought up his touring photographer and had the entirety of the venue wish him a happy birthday, which was a charmingly wholesome way to conclude the night.

Cuco knows his audience and has done a wonderful job catering to his crowd. At the merch booth in the back of the venue, rolling papers and grinders were sold. The show was lit with  tints of blue and purple which brought a psychedelic vibe which matched the discography delightfully. He played some of fan-favorites including “Lover is a Day”, “Lo Que Siento” and “Keeping Tabs”.

The show was a major hit and has been a highlight of my concert photography career. Years of being a fan of his has made watching his journey a gratifying rise to stardom. Hop on the Cuco train to watch this up and coming indie star become one of the greats of his genre.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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