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The night started off with the doors opening at 9 with a DJ spinning old skool hip hop tracks.  This was some of the best DJing I’ve heard in a long time, great songs, great mixing and great cutting and scratching.  He was followed by two other DJs, equally as good.  DOPE! They were all amazing and the crowd was so into it, rapping along to each song and dancing….so much dancing.  I especially enjoyed the third DJ because he was from the Caribbean and played some old and new reggae/dancehall joints.  I was one of the few in the crowd that knew everything he was spinning, but I didn’t care!  Like the previous night with KRS-One, this crowd of 45-60 year olds started getting tired by the time midnight rolled around.  The dancing slowed, the crowd getting a little antsy, wondering when Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick would hit the stage.  As the clock hit 12:30 am we were all ready, so ready for them.  Three DJs came out and started to get ready, yes they had three DJs up on stage with them.  Around 12:40 Doug E Fresh (aka Human Beat Box, The Worlds Greatest Entertainer) comes running out on stage and the crowd went crazy!  “Let’s have some fun tonight” he yelled.  He started with “Keep Risin’ To The Top,” what a great way to start the night.  Crowd dancing along with Doug.  He then went into “I-Ight (Alright)" going back and forth with the crowd;

AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiYO! I-IGHT?!
AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiYO! I-IGHT?!
AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiYO! I-IGHT?!
AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiYO! I-IGHT?!

The crowd was feeding into what Doug E was giving us and everyone was loving it.  His dancing was so sweet and picking up as he went into each song.  As he went into “Let Me Clear My Throat” the crowd started jumping with Doug E Fresh and singing right along.  "Everybody jump, jump, jump, jump, Jump, jump, jump, Everybody jump, jump, jump, jump, Jump, jump, jump!"

Now if y'all want to party like we do

If y'all want to party like us, lemme hear ya say

Ah ah ah ah ah  (crowd)

If y'all want to party like we do

If y'all want to party like us lemme hear ya say

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah (crowd)

Now when I say uh, you say ah

Uh (crowd) Uh (crowd)

And now when I say hey, you say ha

Hey (crowd) hey (crowd)

Now when I say uh, you say ah

Uh (crowd) Uh (crowd)

Now when I say hey you say ha

Hey (crowd)

Now when I say freeze you just freeze one time

When I say freeze y'all stop on a dime

When I say freeze you just freeze one time

When I say freeze y'all stop on a dime


The DJs flowed into “Teach Me How To Dougie” and Doug says, “This record “Teach Me How To Dougie,” if you have not known this yet, and you’ve been living someplace else in the world, I got to tell you….I AM DOUGIE, I made this dance up a long time ago, so what your kids are doing….I made that up a long time ago, so right now, for your looking pleasure, I gonna give you….you, the blueprint of the Dougie!”  And he showed us all how to Dougie!  He then took us back in time to “Da Butt” and “Candy.”  He had everyone get out their phones (I think everyone already had them out) to turn their lights on for his next hit, “Shine A Light On Em.”  And then the song I think the entire crowd came to hear came on…Slick Rick (The Ruler, MC Ricky D, Rick the Ruler) walked on stage with Doug E Fresh and we knew it was going to be amazing.  I saw Slick Rick last summer without Doug and while it was so nice hearing the Show, it was missing the two together.  They work so good together, the flow is perfect and the night just got so much better.  “Hey Slick, where’s the party at? Is the party over here?  Is the party over here? Is the party over here? Say Hoooo…….somebody, anybody, SCREAM!” Up until this point we didn’t get much of Doug E Fresh’s beat boxing, but he completely killed it during “The Show.”  The crowd was so hyped listening to them together.  They brought out Lil Vicious to perform the 1994 hit “Freaks,” and he sounded so good, Doug E Fresh beat boxing the entire song, this was one that got the crowd dancing.  Then Slick Rick stepped back up for another song we were all waiting to hear….”La Di Da Di” no music just Doug E Fresh with the beat box and Slick with his flow.  I can’t explain how sweet it was to hear the two of them doing their thang on stage.  The crowd rapping right along with Slick Rick.  He then went into “Hey Young World” as the crowd was all bobbin’ their heads.  Slick then took it up a notch with “Mona Lisa”

Well, it was one of those days, not much to do
I was chillin' downtown, with my old school crew
I went into a store, to buy a slice of pizza
And bumped into a girl, her name was Mona, what?
Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, so men made you (what?)

And what did we all want to hear from The Ruler?  He flows into “Children’s Story,” the crowd rapping right along with Ricky D….

There lived a lil' boy (Rick) who was misled (crowd)
By anotha lil' boy (Rick) and this is what he said (crowd)
"Me and Ty, we gonna (Rick) make sum cash (crowd)
Robbin' old folks (Rick) and makin' the dash" (crowd)

He finished up the song with a nice little dance which made the crowd go nuts!  Slick was done for the night as he strolled off the stage, but not before stopping at the end of the stage to sign an autograph for someone in the crowd.  The night was finished off with a truly amazing beat box by Doug E Fresh.  It must have gone on for a minute and a half and I have never heard anything like it.  He held his hand up while beat boxing and counted to five with his fingers and then counted down, and back up, and back down for the entire time he was beat boxing.  I have been to a lot of concerts through the years and that might be the most amazing thing I have ever heard live.  We’ve all heard his beat box on his songs, we’ve heard video clips of him, but to hear it in person was simple crazy.  And he was dancing like he was still 20 years old all night long. I cannot understand how he gets all those sounds, beats and noises to not only come out of him, but work so well.  My wife and I, four days later, are still talking about it. We understand why Slick Rick is The Ruler and Doug E Fresh was dubbed The Worlds Greatest Entertainer by Chuck D while touring together.

-One Love, Todd

Todd Judd

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