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It’s always a good time when I get the chance to head to Los Angeles to listen to good music with my buddy B-Mac. He’s been my gateway to so many amazing bands and musicians over the years. He knows how to let loose like no one else when rocking out at a concert. And there’s no one else I rather be at shows with than him. Sadly, life can get in the way and sometimes work and other personal responsibilities take priority and B-Mac has not been able to make as many shows with me as either of us would like. But when the Rock Resurrection Tour was announced with Theory of a Deadman, Skillet, and Saint Asonia. B-Mac and I knew we had to be at the last stop of the tour, at the historic Wiltern Theatre.

Opening the night was a band that has been on my radar for years, known as Saint Asonia. I am a huge Three Days Grace fan, and when Adam Gontier left the band, it was a shock to me. He went on to start a new project known as Saint Asonia and they have been bringing rock to the masses for nearly a decade now. This was also my first time seeing Adam perform, and you can tell he loves performing for a crowd. Opening the night with “Better Place,” Adam strapped with a guitar would not be stuck behind his mic. Constantly coming out from behind it to play right into the faces of the fans in the front row. Filling in on guitar this tour was Adelita’s Way shredder, Tavis Stanley, who complimented Adam’s guitar style perfectly. Bassist Cale Gontier and drummer Cody Watkins rounded off the band with a rhythm section that maintained the beat and let Adam & Tavis have the shinning moments on guitar. Saint Asonia decided to play some Three Days Grace classic in the set with two songs “Never Too Late” & “I Hate Everything About You.” As soon as these Three Day Grace classics came on, the audience lost their minds. Rounding out their set with Saint Asonia hits like “Above it All,” “The Hunted,” “Devastate,” and “Let Me Live My Life.” The wait to see Adam Gontier live and with Saint Asonia had finally happened, and hearing his vocals live was like coming home to a musician I’ve known for years.

Up next was a band I have been quite familiar with for some time now. I have been very fortunate to see Skillet for the fourth time now, and they continue to be one of the highest energy bands I have seen. Every member of the band is a true showman that understands that a live concert is a performance. They are not just there to play their instruments, but they are there to entertain the crowd. Singer and bassist John Cooper comes across as a fun loving himbo. While slappin’ his bass, he is constantly pumping up the crowd, pointing out screaming fans in the audience, and singing with the biggest smile on his face. You can tell he loves every second he gets to be on stage. Flanked by his wife Korey Cooper on rhythm guitar, who is an unstable ball of energy on stage. Jumping, headbanging, vibrating, she doesn’t slow down for a second while wailing on the guitar. On the other side of the stage is lead guitarist Seth Morrison, who brings a ferocity to his playing that drives Skillet’s sound. Never to be forgotten or ignored in the band, Jen Ledger is a beast behind the kit. Not only is she headbanging constantly throughout the set, but she also provides backing and co-lead vocals on songs. How she never sounds out of breath is a sign of a true professional. Skillet loaded their set with both classic hits and soon to be classics like “Feel Invincible,” “Rise,” “Surviving the Game,” “Awake and Alive,” “Hero,” “Whispers in the Dark,” “Psycho in My Head,” “Finish Line” performed with Adam Gontier, “Monster,” and ending their set with “The Resistance.” Skillet never fails to be one of the most fun live bands still touring in the rock scene.

The Rock Resurrection Tour has been in full swing, and the crowd was not ready to let the energy die down yet. Theory of a Deadman was about to take the stage, and you could feel the anticipation from the audience. Opening the night with the title song off their latest album “Dinosaur.” I have not heard this song before tonight yet, but as vocalist and guitarist Tyler Connelly hit the stage, this song sounded like a Theory of a Deadman song. It had the mix of post grunge, hard rock, and a bit of country twang that Theory fans have grown to love. Theory let the audience enjoy a sing a long with their next song “Bitch Came Back.” This song is great as the audience can really connect with the band, and just enjoy singing along, while dancing to Dean Back’s walking bassline throughout the song. Fellow guitarist Dave Brenner crafted the perfect hooks for each song that make Theory songs so memorable. While drummer Joey Dandeneau had to be the wildest man on stage in the band. Throwing his arms all around to hit his drum set, and yet never missing a fill or back beat. Theory of a Deadman brings a bit mellower of a energy to their set compared to Saint Asonia or Skillet, but none the less the crowd was grooving to every song they had to play that night like “Two of Us (Stuck),” “Not Meant to Be,” “Lowlife,” “History of Violence,” “Blow,” “Wicked Game,” “Ambulance,” “Friends in Low Places,” “Angel,” Hate My Life,” “Rx (Medicate),” and ending with the power house “Bad Girlfriend.”

It was a night of rock music. It was a night of hearing radio hits and classics. It was a night out with my metal brother B-Mac. And these three bands could not have brought a more solid night of music for us to jam out to. Saint Asonia was a bucket list band for me, and they lived up to the expectation I had set for them. Skillet will never be able to put on a bad show I feel, as they just care so much about bringing their music to life with their energy. Theory of a Deadman proves that rock does not need to be resurrected. It is still a live and thriving in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Matt Martinez

Editor - Orange County

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