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Written by  Kate Kotlyar

On April 18, Destroy Boys made a stop at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, California while pursuing their world tour. The band’s support for the night was Dublin-based pop punk band, The Murder Capital, and punk group, Soul Glo

The Murder Capital promptly took the stage at 8pm and included songs from their two albums, Gigi’s Recovery and When I Have Fears. This exciting set was the perfect opener for this perfectly punk night as the band encouraged a mosh pit to form and even jumped into the audience and crowd-surfed.

Soul Glo followed The Murder Capital’s performance and continued that undeniable energy that comes with a punk concert. Beginning their animated set with “ROLLING LOUD, HEAR MY CRY,” they gave the audience a taste of what was to come for the remaining 30 minutes of their set. The crowd was energized for the performance by throwing undergarments on stage as well as empowered with the band’s words of activism. 

The Murder Capital and Soul Glo, combined, set the perfect precedent for Destroy Boys’ unstoppable stage presence.  

Entering the stage, the Destroy Boys were met with shrieks of excited fans waiting for hours and moshing for an hour in preparation for the headliner. They started their set with their latest single, “Beg For The Torture,” which was released earlier this month. Their setlist consisted of songs primarily from their latest album, Open Mouth, Open Heart, and their 2018 album, Make Room

Switching vocals on songs between lead singer and guitarist Alexia Roditis and guitarist Violet Mayugba kept the audience enthralled and their eyes glued to the stage in front of them as the mic moved with their bodies. Taking after The Murder Capital, Roditis jumped into the crowd before leaving in preparation for the encore. 

After a brief intermission leaving the stage before returning for the encore, the band came back to perform their final two songs: “Drain You,” a Nirvana cover, and “Piedmont,” performed by Roditis as the rest of the band sat behind them. 

Overall, the Destroy Boys show with support from Soul Glo and The Murder Capital was the ultimate punk experience: roaring voices, incredible instrumentalists, angsty, activist, and an incredible array of passionate and dedicated fans. 

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