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The first time I heard Tycho was in my buddy’s college dorm room back in 2010. As you can imagine, those early college years are formative in one’s development and growth. Part of that whole college experience was pushing myself to expand my palate of tastes, interests, and passions. One weekend, my friends and I decided we were going to embark on a musical journey to seek new perspectives and push horizons. The most memorable moment of that day was when Tycho’s “Dictaphone’s Lament” came on. Coming from a musical palette primarily consisting of house music and rap music, I had limited exposure to modern music that could take you on a captivating, ethereal, ambient journey. That song and moment stuck with me, and I’ve been a fan ever since, exploring the rest of his catalog only to be wowed by each new project the same way I was the first time. Fast forward to 2023, Tycho was playing Los Angeles’s brand-new mid-sized venue, The Bellwether. As a matter of fact, it was the third show the venue hosted. I knew this one was not to be missed. Let’s hop into it.

Up first to kick off the night was Vancouver’s own Vandelux. The genre-bending artist took the stage to an eagerly awaiting and receptive crowd. Vandelux immediately captivated the crowd and set them in a trance as each song reverberated through the venue. Like what was expected of Tycho, Vandelux’s live show was structured with a baseline of electronic production with layers of live instrumentation on top. Each instrument added depth and richness to the final product. Despite knowing Tycho was up next, I heard a few expressions of “that’s it?” and “aww” when Vandelux wrapped up his set.

After a brief intermission, Tycho took to the stage. Fronted by Scott Hansen, the ambient electronic producer took his place behind two synthesizers and his laptop. Behind him, his supporting band assumed positions and they readied themselves to carry the crowd through an immersive sonic journey. Through the music, Tycho reverberated the crowd with a dreamlike hypnotic ambiance. The crowd swayed back and forth to the rhythms and got lost in the melodies. The music was truly mesmerizing. Each track started off like the slow build of the beginning of a roller coaster, but by the time each song was in full swing, the drums were pounding, and the grooving bass lines kept the crowd moving. The live sound engineering was topnotch. The integration of live instrumentation on top of studio versions of each song pushed the bounds of what we’ve come to expect of traditional live performances.

Tycho’s live show was a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. By fusing ambient electronic music and live instrumentation, the band harnessed the emotive power of music and delivered a multi sensorial affair. Whenever Tycho drops by a venue by you, you know it’s one not to be missed.  


Kris Kuganathan

Photojournalist - Orange County

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