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Few 20-year-olds are doing life in the fast lane like multi-instrumentalist, electronic music producer, and artist Lamorn. After dropping his debut album Forever on mau5trap on 6/2/2023, Lamorn would embark on an 18-date tour across the country to promote the project and introduce himself to the world. The Los Angeles show at The Echo was a sold-out affair and he was joined by Molly Otto, Linney, and Latroit. I gave Forever a few spins before the show to get familiar with the music he’d be dropping but no matter how much time I had with the project, there was no way I was prepared for the live show he put on. Let’s hop into it.

Up first was Molly Otto. I wasn’t too familiar with Molly Otto’s music besides the song “Sonic” with Lamorn that was released on mau5trap. Molly lived up to the hype. Setting the “live” music tone for the night, she strummed her guitar through her catalog and got the crowd into the zone.

Rocking the stage second was Linney. Known for her work on “Line In The Sand” with KILL SCRIPT and “In My Dreamz” with Champagne Drip, Linney is emerging as one of the new voices across the electronic music landscape. Her powerful voice and honest lyrics really pack a punch over the beats she’s chosen to sing over. Her live set was no different. Armed with a mic in each hand, she took everyone in The Echo down for an emotional ride through her greatest hits to date.

Finally, before handing off the stage to the main draw, the fans were in for a real treat with the next act. Grammy Award winning electronic dance producer and DJ Latroit took to the stage to the rock the crowd at The Echo. Assisted by several (and I mean several!) vocalists, Latroit kept the party grooving deep into the night. My favorite Latroit collab was “Someday” that he performed with frequent collaborator Brea Bunevacz. Latroit’s beats and Brea’s voice epitomize the best of electronic dance music. Despite having so many accolades of his own, Latroit ended his set gracefully and let the crowd know that years from now, everyone who attended that night would look back and think about how crazy it was to have the opportunity to see Lamorn in such an intimate venue like The Echo.

Finally, after much anticipation, Lamorn took to the stage. Prior to jumping into his set, Lamorn grabbed the mic and thanked the crowd for making it out to his sold-out night. It was a real human moment, and I could tell he was humbled by the successes he’s found as a young artist. He then wasted little time as he jumped into his set. Twisting knobs and sliding levelers, Lamorn took the crowd on a sonic journey. On this journey, he encompassed the entire spectrum of electronic music, from euphoric trancey moments to dirty dubstep. My favorite moment was when Lamorn grabbed the mic and sang the vocals to his hit “Armed”. It dawned on me only at this moment that it was him singing on many of his songs. In addition to having an amazing voice, Lamorn picked up the guitar and stummed along to his production giving the show a heavier live music feel than you would normally expect from a DJ set.

Lamorn absolutely knocked this one out of the park. On my drive home, Latroit’s words stuck with me. It was absolutely nuts that I got to see Lamorn in such an intimate venue. I’ve been chatting non-stop about this one to everyone I talk to. Check out Lamorn the next time you get the opportunity to while you can still see him in intimate venues. Soon, he’ll be graduating to only playing big venues and you’ll wish you listened to me. This kid is it.


Kris Kuganathan

Photojournalist - Orange County

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