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Tove Lo’s rescheduling of the Dirt Femme Tour back in February was a major blow to fighting the seasonal dreariness that Minnesota (and elsewhere) Winter typically brings about. SAD is no joke, and with the original show scheduled to be right around everyone’s favorite capitalistic reminder of true love, it was disheartening to have an artist - like Tove Lo, who is nothing if not completely true to herself - have to reschedule to later in the year. What was one to do without dancing in the coldest month of the year? The wait was worth it however - the Swede’s gregarious brand of electropop now perfectly lined up with (this may be exclusive to just me) wanting to be done with seasonal allergies and trying desperately to hang on to the last shreds of summer, the leaves starting to change and bringing with it another cycle of endless winter.

Tove Lo swung by the Palace Theater in St. Pau this past Tuesday, bringing with her support from the equally gregarious and unapologetically sincere Upsahl. (Taylor) Upsahl and co are maybe the most logical choice to open for Tove Lo - her stage persona and effortlessness when it comes to translating who she is an artist to who she is performing live tears down that barrier between who an artist is when creating and who an artist is when bringing their music to life. Opening with "People I Don’t Like", the energy level was set as high as it could from the opening guitar strums pretty much through until the show would end several hours later. Upsahl kept get energy going with a variety of songs from her back catalogue, playing a few off of her ‘21 release Lady Jesus, but mostly keeping to whatever seemed to strike her fancy in the moment, with a touching callout to Tove Lo with the song Upsahl said was written for Tove called "Toast".

Afterwards, it was time for the main event - a cluster of strobes began to fire staccato lights to obscured guitarists and keyboardists as eventually Tove Lo took to the stage, clad in what would be just one of many eccentric outfits that a Tove concert simply wouldn’t be without. The singer-songwriter lead with "Pineapple Slice" (off her 2022 release and tour-named Dirt Femme), and the crowd more or less lost its mind. There’s really something to be said for just how dedicated her fanbase is - somehow simultaneously chill and out of this world excited for Tove. She played a ton of songs off of Dirt Femme that night, keeping the energy at max as she worked her way through her hits and back catalog and what seemed like an endless wardrobe of outfits. Her four part encore was closed out with the song that everyone was waiting for - the Hippie Sabotage remix of "Habits", and suffice to say that there was pretty much no more dancing to be had in the crowd after it was all said and done.


Joseph Dunst

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