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I have been waiting for the group behind the I Can’t Handle Change album for quite some time. Roar has found a unique aspect to highlight in every song they have. Ranging from barbershop quartets to psychedelic rock, they are a group unlike any other. They have such a unique charm to each of their tracks. 

Opening for Roar was the group Harmless, best known by their hit song “Swing Lynn” which captures a nostalgic and melancholic raw emotion. This group has some incredible surprises in terms of tracks. They have such a range of vibes, but also a singer who can vary from the deepest bass to the highest highs. They rocked the house and brought the energy up for headliner Roar as they took the stage. 

Roar had a pure exposed aspect to most of their music live. It felt as if you were in the studio with the group themselves. The band had many surprises in store including a mad libs between songs in which the group would take suggestions from the audience. This show felt incredibly personal not only for the group, but for the audience as well. It was an absolute thrill to get to hear some of my favorite tracks come to life at The Constellation Room, tracks including “Christmas Kids”, “Heart For Brains” and of course the titular “I Can’t Handle Change”. This group not only knows how to rock, but also when to bring things down. As they found a way to transition between their many different aesthetics in a smooth manner. My only wish is that the group had more incredible tunage to bring to us.

I, along with many fans, will be patiently awaiting Roar’s next album.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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