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Saint Motel was a highlight of my Concert Photography career. It is always a question as to how much the band will live up to their recordings, and this group had the rare case of exceeding expectations. The group had a sound that flowed so smoothly and with the combination of their beautiful sound and their astonishing stage presence, this was a night to remember. Openers Echosmith began the night and set the bar to a new height for The Observatory OC venue, and the fact that Saint Motel was able to match this was a feat of its own.

Echosmith, well known for their folk twang pop hits including “Cool Kids” and “Bright” were a delight to see live. They were able to rile the crown for the headliner all the while finding newfound fans. The group played their hits along with never before songs, i.e. their new songs “Perfect Life”. The group had a great stage presence that allowed for audience participation and a visually appealing show. When it came time for the end of Echosmith’s set, the crowd was just the perfect amount of riled.

Saint Motel came to stage in formal attire which went splendidly with the golden red carpet vibes of the set design. The group began by announcing how the audience would be participating in the show. The group made it so there were a total of 4 “fan picks” which would be voted on using a QR code. This added an element of intimacy to the set. The group had the fancy elements and the whole shebang their Academy Award Tour.

The group played all of their hits including “Cold Cold Man”, “Sweet Talk”, “For Elise”, etc. It was a show to remember with lighting that gave a heavenly glow to the performers, audience participation, including one fan pick being revealed by a lucky audience member, and high quality performances all around. This show was an all time personal favorite of mine, and gave me a new appreciation for the talent of Saint Motel.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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