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Over the past year, ALLEYCVT has been making a ton of noise (literally) in the dubstep world. The Northern Virginia native quickly solidified herself as a force to be reckoned by carving out her own distinct style: combining hard bass drops with siren-like vocal melodies. If you’ve been paying attention to bass music over the past couple years, you’ve probably heard some of her songs such as “Religion”, “Remember Me”, and “Electric Shock”. Like most artists coming up in 2023, she’s got a way with social media and has amassed a cult following on TikTok and Instagram where she’s been debuting her pop-dubstep singles. Joint after joint, she keeps running up the numbers online as more and more fans are exposed to her work. This Fall, she embarked on her first headline tour, The Planet Supersonic Tour, Fall 2023. This tour touches every corner of the United States and even parts of Canada. When I heard she was going to play the famous Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, I knew I had to go see her play.

The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood is one of those legendary venues that always gets me excited. It’s such a cozy small space with tip top acoustics. And there’s so much history. So. Much. History. It’s seen the early days of the likes of Neil Diamond, The Ramones, Prince, and Motley Crue. It’s why I love seeing promising artists early in their careers, because you never know who’s on the trajectory to join those ranks. ALLEYCVT certainly didn’t disappoint. Let’s hop into the show. 

Up first was San Diego native Rommii. As fans piled into the venue for a night of bass, he warmed them up with house beat after house beat. I wasn’t familiar with him but during his set it dawned on me that he’s the man behind the banger “what we had was real”. Up second and leading us down the bassy path was Sharlitz Web.  Wasting no time, Sharlitz Web immediately started dropping eerie bass jams. Her music has a dark haunting undertone which reverberated through each person in the venue as they swayed back and forth. Slowly but surely, she kicked it into high gear, introducing mixes of hip hop and elements of rock music, all while wrapping it together with a bassline you’d find in the background of the scariest part of a horror movie. By the end of her set, you could feel the building shake as the crowd stepped in unison to each drop of the beat. She teed it up perfectly for the main act.

At 10:20 sharp, ALLEYCVT’s promo video played as she made her way to the stage. Her blend of gritty screw-face-inducing dubstep and harmonious melodies is unmatched. It’s also awesome to know that she does all of the vocals herself. She gave short nuggets of background info to each song she played. The head banging was in full effect. She took each person in the venue on a sonic journey through musical peaks and valleys, with slow paced angelic rises and dirty demonic crashes. At one point, I had to just put the camera down, look around, and admire how into her set that all her fans were. It was truly badass. 

All in all, ALLEYCVT crushed her set from front to back at The Roxy Theatre. Her opening acts also brought nothing but heat. It was an all around awesome show from each of the DJ’s. I’ll absolutely be checking out ALLEYCVT the next time she’s in town. She’s only about halfway through this tour with dates going out to the end of November. Check her out when she’s in your city. You won’t regret it.


Kris Kuganathan

Photojournalist - Orange County

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