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The Hollywood & N9ne Tour 2023 featuring Hollywood Undead and Tech N9ne along with special guest King ISO made a stop at Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, CA on Thursday night October 26 and played a killer show to a capacity crowd.

This month-long tour kicked off October 16 in St Louis and runs through November 19 ending in Nashville and is jam packed with rap and rock from start to finish with King ISO kicking off the show.

King ISO hit the stage to an already packed house and blasted out some unrelenting rhymes as he moved across the stage. The crowd sang along to every song, and it wasn’t long before ISO had removed his shirt exposing his well-toned upper body and six-pack abs and it was obvious the ladies in attendance didn’t mind the view. A short but powerful set had the crowd in full on party mode as they eagerly awaited the next performer.

Up next hitting the stage about 8:30pm was the amazing Tech N9ne along with his live band and they kicked off their party with “Stamina” into “Unfair” and immediately the house was jumping along with each song. Tech N9ne blasted through a good 25 songs during his 75 min onstage and Riverside was rapping and rockin.

At one point early on Tech N9ne brought some youngsters onstage to dance and sing along and he also brough out his clown mask for a few songs mid-set. The stage had video screens on each side of the stage and many of N9ne’s videos played as he rapped out the lyrics.

He kept the talking in between songs to a bare minimum and focused on the live show with crowd favorites such as “Come Gangsta”, “Caribou Lou”, “Erbody but Me” and many more. King ISO came out to duet on the killer song “Face Off” and the two traded off verses in almost a dueling fashion and this was obviously a highlight of the performance. Tech N9ne ended the set with the banger “Red Kingdom”.

Rap/Rock Kings Hollywood Undead took the stage at 10:00pm and finished off the night with 60 minutes of orchestrated chaos with the fans rocking out with fists in the air the entire time. These guys rock the stage like nobody’s business as J-Dog, Funny Man, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene and Danny all traded off vocals as well as instruments the entire time onstage – its difficult to keep track of who is doing what but it works and is entertaining as hell.

They started the show with “CHAOS” off their 2022 release Hotel Kalifornia and then into “California Dreaming”. The madness never stopped and the band played a killer rendition of “Enter Sandman” then into “Du Hast” which elevated the craziness level of the crowd and then ended the night with “Undead”.

A KILLER 1-2-3 punch with King ISO, Tech N9ne and Hollywood Undead – a show not to be missed.


Chris Loomis

Photo Journalist - Orange County

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