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As the clock struck 7pm on Halloween at The Factory at Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas, the Hollywood & N9ne Tour 2023 transformed the night into an electrifying fusion of rap and rock, featuring the powerhouse acts of Tech N9ne, Hollywood Undead, and KING ISO. The stage was set for a unique and unforgettable experience on this spooky night, marking a coheadliner showcase that transcended musical boundaries.

My anticipation was heightened by the fact that the last time I witnessed the explosive energy of Tech N9ne was back in 2019. The prospect of seeing him once again, alongside the dynamic performances of Hollywood Undead and KING ISO, created an air of excitement that permeated the Halloween atmosphere.

KING ISO kicked off the night with a performance that set an intense and captivating tone. His rapid-fire delivery and magnetic stage presence immediately engaged the crowd, drawing everyone into his lyrical world. As the beats resonated through The Factory, KING ISO showcased tracks from his latest album, delivering a performance that demonstrated both skill and passion. The audience, clad in Halloween costumes, responded with enthusiasm, setting the stage for a night of musical exploration.

Following KING ISO, Hollywood Undead took command of the stage, and the atmosphere shifted into a chaotic yet harmonious spectacle. The Los Angeles-based band seamlessly blended rap, rock, and electronic elements, creating a sonic tapestry that defied easy categorization. Hits like "Undead" and "Bullet" were met with a sea of Halloween-clad fans singing along, their energy adding to the band's already electrifying presence. The stage came alive with a visually stunning display of lights and pyrotechnics, further enhancing the immersive experience.

As the clock neared midnight, the anticipation for Tech N9ne's return to the stage reached its peak. The coheadliner format of the tour allowed each artist to shine independently, and Tech N9ne did not disappoint. Tech N9ne delivered a career-spanning set that blended his signature rapid-fire delivery with intricate lyricism. The Halloween night added an extra layer of mystique to the performance, as the crowd reveled in the eerie ambiance of the venue. He played all the hits but the standout tracks had to be “Einstein”, “Red Kingdom”, and “Caribou Lou”. We even got “Face Off” with KING ISO entering the stage again to run it back with Tech.

As the night came to a close, marking the end of Halloween and the conclusion of the Hollywood & N9ne Tour 2023 in Dallas, the crowd erupted into applause. The coheadliner showcase had exceeded expectations, offering a night of musical diversity, unity, and unforgettable performances. The Factory at Deep Ellum became a temporary haven for music enthusiasts, where the boundaries between rap and rock blurred, and the spirit of Halloween infused an extra layer of magic into the experience.

James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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