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Whenever I’m shooting a show at the House of Blues, and now MGM, I like to get down to Boston for a little pre-show ritual. I park over on Newbury St. and walk past the “Cathedral of Boston” (aka Fenway Park) over to the Tasty Burger on Van Ness. I order a Spicy Jalapeno burger (add +1 patty), and a large fry before heading over to the venue. I don’t know why it’s become the routine, but nonetheless, it has.

This was my first rap show since high school, so I forgot what they were like to be honest – that was until I started walking over to the box office. After I paid my tab and started walking over that night, I couldn’t believe it: BOTH sides of Fenway were completely wrapped around the block with people waiting in line. I had never seen Uzi live before, so as I passed hundreds and hundreds of people on such a bitterly cold night, I thought they were crazy. But then I got through security and walked into the GA pit and saw the unbelievable stage design that it hit me – they weren’t crazy, this is going to be a really rad show. And Lil Uzi Vert put on just that.

Lil Uzi Vert's concert last night was an absolute rollercoaster of energy and vibes. The atmosphere was electric from the moment he hit the stage. The crowd, a sea of fans ready to lose themselves in the music, erupted into cheers as the first beats of his hit songs reverberated through the venue.

Uzi's stage presence was undeniable. He moved with an effortless swagger, engaging the audience with every word and every move. The light show was mesmerizing, syncing perfectly with the beats and adding a visual spectacle to the auditory feast. The combination of pulsating lights, fog machines, and Uzi's dynamic performance created an immersive experience that had the crowd on their feet throughout the night.

The setlist was a perfect blend of his chart-toppers and fan favorites, showcasing his versatility as an artist. From the high-energy bangers like "XO TOUR Llif3" and "Money Longer" to the more melodic tracks like "The Way Life Goes", Lil Uzi Vert kept the audience captivated from start to finish. His ability to seamlessly transition between different moods and styles demonstrated why he's at the forefront of the rap game and was the perfect “welcome back” to rap shows.

Lil Uzi Vert's concert was not just a performance; it was an experience. It was a celebration of music, a communal expression of joy, and a testament to the power of an artist who knows how to connect with his audience. As the final notes echoed through the venue, and the lights dimmed, there was a collective sense of satisfaction in the air—a feeling that this was more than just a concert; it was a night to remember.

Zak DeFreze

Photojournalist - Boston

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