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Hunnypot Live #374


Hunnypot puts in the work and labor so you can enjoy every show. Hot Tub Johnnie started the night with a "Gray Day" set of music to make Jeff happy. Jeff Gray got in to the hot tub as a guest and had a surreal conversation as himself to talk about himself with Hot Tub and Ryan. Thompson Springs sprung from a well of song oriented rock, Highland Kites soared above the din with passionate and poignant music, Justin Levinson kept the piano pop spirit alive, Cosmos & Creature returned to continue to expand their big bang feature music and Dylan also came back to rap and roll the crowd right before the world famous dance party.

Recap: J. Gray Photos: J. Gray & R. Taalbi  9/04/2017


JEFF GRAY (formerly known as Pesci) 

Music Supervisor/Music Copyright Specialist

A bio is a self serving list of achievements & accolades to impress those who have yet to meet you in person. If you meet Jeff Gray in person he will gladly regale you with tales and anecdotes about his important and professional work with music, music copyrights and some impressive names of more famous people he's worked with. Jeff Gray prefers to let you know that he is capable, qualified, approachable, humble & available for hire. He also is a very good guitar player.

Jeff has been a Hunnypot staple for years. Co-hosting with Hot Tub Johnnie, Jeff brings life to the show with his eclectic questions and joking personality. His experience shines on the show through his interviews and now we can't wait to have him be the interviewee. This is bound to be one colorful broadcast! 

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A collaborative side-project, Thompson Springs became an outlet for a backlog of songs Matt Smith gathered over the years. The band consists of a rotating crew who shaped his tunes into folk-rock gems whose casual valor and languid language convey an everyman’s candor that rocks gently and goes down easy. Produced by Rob Laakso of Kurt Vile and the Violators, the mini-collection of rambling self-reflection simmers in sing-along homilies and hitch-hiker’s poetry for a laid-back treatise that makes for a fine traveling companion on the winding road of life. As a taste of things to come, “Artifacts,” packs promising calm for uncertain journeys.

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HK Press Photo 1


Highland Kites is an independent alternative folk/rock band based out of Los Angeles, formed in late 2013. It’s the brainchild of Marissa Lamar, who sings and plays keys & guitar in the band alongside drummer Neil Briggs and lead guitarist Alex Edwards. They are currently working on their 4th release, an EP titled "I'm Not Weak" which is set to release on the 29th of July.  

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Justin Levinson


The son of singer/songwriter Bob Levinson, Justin Levinson grew up in Vergennes, VT.In high school, he was introduced to Lester Bowie and Fontella Bass, who were traveling on a grant to bring jazz to rural areas. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, accepted in part due to a letter of recommendation from Bowie.He started out studying jazz trumpet, before switching to and getting his degree in songwriting.

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cosmos and creature


Cosmos & Creature’s infectious new pop-electro single “Young” captures the youthful exuberance of the duo’s journey toward success. Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore were cultivating solo music careers before they started collaborating in 2014 under the name Cosmos & Creature. Burnette had just come off a four-year stint signed to Warner Bros. Records, and Moore was transitioning from songwriter to artist.  “We met at LA’s Hotel Cafe on a Monday night Soul Sessions,” explains Burnette.”It’s the same place we opened for John Mayer & James Bay shortly after we formed Cosmos & Creature.” Burnette and Moore are highly acclaimed songwriters and sought after artists.  Burnette’s many accomplishments include writing a number 1 hit for Hedley which won Single of the Year at the Juno Awards as well as charting in the US Top 40 for a single he wrote for Jake Miller.  In his solo career, Burnette has garnered over 3 million streams on both Spotify and Youtube and has landed on the Billboard Emerging artist charts for two weeks straight.  While Moore is not only a successful songwriter, she is also an accomplished solo artist with a dedicated fan base. 
Their debut single “Young” is the perfect fusion of progressive pop and electronic with contagious melodies and a driving EDM beat. It’s sure to stick in your head like any great pop song should.  The “Young” lyric video captures in fast motion the duo’s plane flight from LA to the New York studio where the song was recorded in Mount Kisco New York’s Dirty Canvas Studios by famed producers Shep & Aaron from Dirty Canvas (American Authors, Young Rising Sons, Karma Killers).  
“Our writing process is very cosmic and natural,” explains Brandyn. “Sometimes we’ll have ideas written down or voice notes of melodies saved on our phones & save them for the right moment or the right setting. That’s how ‘Young’ happened actually. We had written this hook together & saved it on a voice note. Soon as we got to upstate NY to work with our producers, we sang them the hook. I pulled out a note that had some scribbled down thoughts. Next thing you know the song was in full swing.”
With a quickly growing fan base and industry attention, Cosmos & Creature's becoming one of the pop/electronic acts of the year.

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Dylan, 21, is a lyrically driven, fun-loving Hip Hop artist from Los Angeles, which clearly influenced his West Coast sound. His style represents a  soulful old school brand of Hip Hop but with an updated flavor and presentation. Sometimes political, sometimes fun & carefree, he was initially inspired by early 90's rap all the way into current, more mainstream Hip Hop music. Excitable and confident, he creates to inspire others as well as provoke ideas.

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley area of L.A., he embraced hip hop during adolescence. It immediately became an outlet for him to express everything from pain to joy. His sound is primarily organic, raw, & soulful old school flavored Hip Hop with a conscious & lyrically focused new school twist. He's driven to put in the necessary work and share his vision with the world.
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  • Playlist


    The Fat Dukes Of F*ck - Where Assholes Come To Die

    John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

    Freak - No Money

    Sheer Mag - Nobody's Baby

    Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin

    Electric Light Orchestra - Shine A Little Love

    Steely Dan - FM


    Charli XCX - Boys

    Prof - Time Bomb


    Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout A Revolution

    Billy Joel - Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)

    John Haitt - Slug Line

    Don Edwards - Coyotes

    Drive-By Truckers - Outfit

    Judy Collins - Medgar Evers Lullaby

    Drive-By Truckers - The Day John Henry Died

    Bruce Springsteen - Trapped


    Princess Vitarah - I Want 20 Inch Dick

    PART 2


    Brooklyn Queen - EMOJI 


    Cosmos & Creature - Bad Drug  

    Young M.A - Same Set

    Boz Scaggs - Lowdown


    Poppy - Interweb

    XXXTentacion - Look At Me

    YG feat. YFN Lucci, Blac Youngsta - YNS

    Branchez & Big Wet - Turn Up On the Weekend

    Leikeli47 - O.M.C.

    cupcake - Barcodes


    M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up The Volume

    Stevie Stone feat. BD Bandtino - Whippin Up

    Gorillaz - Strobelite (feat. Peven Everett)

    The Allergies - Main Event (feat. Andy Cooper)

    Heavy Baile (Leo Justi + MC Tchelinho) - Catuaba (feat Tati Zaqui)

    YAEJI - GUAP Feat. Mall Grab


    Major Lazer - Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic)

    Trap Beckham/DJ Pretty Ricky - Lil Booties Matter

    --DYLAN (LIVE)--

    2PAC - How Do You Want It

    Big Boi feat. Troze - Chocolate

    Piem - Flip The Tempo

    Dillon Francis - Say Less feat. G-Eazy (Gorgon City Remix)

    Sage The Gemini - Reverse

    Mura Masa feat. Charli XCX - 1 Night

    J Balvin & Willy William - Mi Gente

    Jet Set Sweden - Barbarella

    Aaron Neville - The Greatest Love

    Ace Cannon - Tequilla

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