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Monday, 24 July 2017

Kevin Morby - City Music (Official Video)

“Oh! That city music! Oh! That city sound!” Shed light on the melody, effortless lyrics!

Being brutally honest about urban life, this impressionistic track is all about remaking one day after another through repetition. It talks about those moments you spent in the apartment by yourself, and how the noise from the crowds outdoors makes your life lonelier and duller. 

The L.A. based singer-songwriter romanticizes such circumstances into a whole new dimension; because when you go out there, you actually become part of the noise. As more and more people were characters were introduced in the music video, you discover the millions of stories that unfold upon your eyes, suggesting they’re a kind of “city music”. It just makes you feel like you’re lost in your own world while walking “through a photogenic part of a city alone… and surrounded by many”. 

As Pitchfork writes, the track “City Music” and also the album itself, is a “lament for lost innocence, a pledge to maintain optimism and humanity at a time when those qualities don’t just feel like vestiges of youth, but of some better civilization that’s rapidly disappearing.“

Sometimes you just have to listen and watch to understand.

-Bianca Alvarez

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Last modified on Wednesday, 26 July 2017