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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Lomboy - Loverboy

Lomboy captivates with this unique, vintage-feel music video. Front woman and founder of Lomboy, Tanja Frita, has a velvety voice that carries through this haunting lounge beat. It's easy to see that she has had many different musical influences such as jazz and Japanese electronic music. Currently she resides in Paris, France working with musicians out of France and Japan. She is an Australian native but has taken her worldly experiences and combined them to create a soundtrack that can only be described as a musical representation of Frita's mind and soul. "Loverboy" features catchy vocal play stacks and Japanese samples are the cherry on top of this hypnotizing song. 

The video doesn't disappoint either. The color schemes are brilliant with fascinating set designs to accompany. It pictures what looks to be two lovers encapsulated within their own paradise. The unique cinematography and stunning effects create a multimedia experience that makes viewers feel as if they could get lost in their own world. Lomboy's debut South Pacific was released January of 2017. 

Written by  Hunnypot
Last modified on Thursday, 27 July 2017