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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Nekeith - Rack It Up (Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj REMIX)

With almost 140k views and still counting, this music video of “Rack It Up” is loud and fiery. Loud in a sense where you are left with nothing but captivated by presence. Fiery not only was he rapping, but his eyes, hands and body were also dancing, on top of expressive camera movements speaking directly to you.

A little introduction for the unaware: This young hip hop artist is Christopher Nekeith Mitchell, aka Nekeith. Currently a student at the University of North Carolina, he is still performing in multiple venues to broaden his artistry. Raised in High Point, NC, Nekeith began his career at the age of 15, and released his first mixtape 'Unbelievable' in 2012 under the stage name of Newprettyboii. 

Just in the past month, he released a 12-track album No Homophobia featuring top US Billboard artist Cardi B. She said in the Intro pinpointing the homophobic culture of hip hop, “what does being gay have to do with your talent?”, while Nekeith’s song “No Homophobia” acted as a reply to what she said. Kanye West was featured in the Interlude. He is totally stepping up the game of brutally provoking conversations about the LGBTQ community by stating Hip Hop being the opposite of “gay”. 

We are interested in knowing what you think. Spare two minutes and rack it up. And comments below please!

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