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Friday, 02 August 2019

Ambjaay - Uno

Ambjaay the L.A native rapper has a lot of love to give to his community in Nickerson Gardens. He’s grown up in a small place near Watts in Los Angeles and during that period he went to school and was known as the class clown, but made due with his responsibilities in High School. The young Trap rapper began recording music in the back of his grandmother’s studio which his brother used to own. 

The young rapper Ambjaay had a major deal with Columbia Records earlier last month and his new song “Uno”, his recent single with that Spanish fusion collusion being introduced into the song is soaring through the online streaming services and making 18 million views on Youtube; stacked on top of that an extra 10 million plays and counting across several other streaming platforms. The music video is simply extraordinary because it starts of with the 19 year old working in a Tacos Mexico food chain restaurant in the heart of L.A, and shortly after his boss leaves for the day. Soon after he throws a huge blowout party in the Mexican restaurant (kind of like when the parents are away for the weekend), it is just an amazing videos with comments that will make you love the song a lot more, or hate it. Ambjaay has already accomplished what most hard working people can't, and he's highly ambitious, working and making sure that he produces a stamp in the L.A culture hoping that "Uno" becomes a historical part of Los Angeles and knowing he did his mamma proud.

Written by  Alex Rodriguez
Last modified on Friday, 02 August 2019
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