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Friday, 02 August 2019

Jasiah feat. Yung Bans - Shenanigans

Jasiah raps like there is no tomorrow and if you listen to his tracks anywhere online he raps with rigid force and really penetrates you; he won’t give a shit if you have a distaste for his music. He will put out songs where he’ll most likely scream his lungs out within the simplest beats and you won’t have the slightest clue if it sounds great or not, it just does because it goes hard-- which is what the young kids might say only because they don’t know good music.

His track “Shenanigans” to write it in the most professionally unprofessional way possible is so wild; there’s too much going on, but you know what? the video wasn’t that bad. Jasiah is constantly bashing a mannequin throughout the video and it greatly satisfied me. It makes wanna blow out some steam. But I digress, Yung Bans made an appearance and the first 8 words, maybe, that he contributed to the song was enough to dig out Yung Bans’ followers out of the woodwork and have them call out the amount of little time he participated in the song. But hey, he at least got paid those big bucks. Nevertheless, the video is wild, it’s going to make you do that little weird dance young people like doing, hopefully you know what I’m talking about. And overall Jasiah doesn't care about your man and he’ll probably still your girl. 

Written by  Alex Rodriguez
Last modified on Tuesday, 06 August 2019
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