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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Zebra Katz - Lousy / IN IN IN

Zebra Katz is the newest edition that Hip hop is contriving into the music industry, and Katz has released singles in the past with Njena Reddd Foxxx. He is leaving a mark and his recent number, "Lousy / IN IN IN" is a game changer, highly underrated within the hip hop genre and if nobody gives it any publicity I must say you are all blind fools. The song had an unorthodox approach with Swedish director Daniel Wirtberg behind the lens and camera as the brains behind the 9 minute music video. The music video has amazing candid detail with great cinematography shots really highlighting intimate angles with Zebra Katz producing moments that touches the viewers in emotional ways. It is a great mixture of film and music meshed into one and many smart, talented artists can execute this very well. Now behind the meaning of this music video, katz and a group of friends find themselves exploring the wilderness rocking some unusual danish fashion. Which is terrible shit to wear, but to each of their own. Daniel Wirtberg detailed the video as " soft and hard masculinity, between introvert and extrovert.” Despite what other people might comment about this song; much love for this unusual track and for the creativity. 


 -Alex Rodriguez

Written by  Alex Rodriguez
Last modified on Thursday, 12 December 2019
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