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Concert Review & Photos - Strangelove

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“The scale of STRANGELOVE’S theatrical stage presence is unparalleled, save for the real article.  Multiple projection visual programs assault the euphoric concertgoers senses and further the illusion that they are actually witnessing an actual Depeche Mode concert – No detail of the band’s presentation has been overlooked.”  Loyal fans of Depeche Mode would tell you that a bold statement like this comes with lofty expectations.  Saturday’s show would be the perfect opportunity to see whether or not Southern California based STRANGELOVE could actually live up to the hype as one of the world’s top Depeche Mode tribute bands.

On Saturday May 21st, STRANGELOVE made the trek to the River City for their first ever appearance at the stunning Aztec Theater in San Antonio, TX.   After a near-perfect set from the super-talented Smiths tribute band, The Smites, STRANGELOVE took the stage in front of a near-capacity crowd.   As the lights dimmed, STRANGELOVE members Brent Meyer “Counterfeit Martin”, Julian Shah-Tayler “Oscar Wilder”, and James Evans “In the Fletch” took their appropriate spots as frontman Freddie Morales “Devotional Dave” seemingly levitated from underneath the stage with his welcoming hands outstretched.  Amazing start to what looked to be an incredible night of music with STRANGELOVE.

Over the next two hours, STRANGELOVE fans (also known as Devotees) were subjected to Depeche Mode’s amazing catalog of music.  Early hits such as Just Can’t Get Enough and Everything Counts brought the Aztec crowd to their feet while classics such as Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence had everyone in attendance singing along with the band.  For the die-hard fans, STRANGELOVE even added a few B-side favorites such as Dangerous which rarely hit their set list.  There was literally something for every Depeche Mode fan in attendance that span the band's incredible 25+ year career.

So, was STRANGELOVE able to live up to the lofty expectations as one of the world’s premier Depeche Mode Tribute bands?  Were they able to “further the illusion that those in attendance were actually witnessing a Depeche Mode concert?"  The answers to both questions was a resounding YES!  Freddie, Brent, Julian, and James were not only able to recreate the amazing Depeche Mode sound, they did it in a masterful way that captured the sheer essence of a band.  From DM’s classic look to their spot-on mannerisms, you really felt like you were front-row center with David, Martin, Fletch and Alan.  No stone has been left unturned by STRANGELOVE, and will leave the most die-hard Mode fans wanting more. 

Bottom Line – STRANGELOVE is not just another Depeche Mode tribute band, but a group of super-talented musicians that are truly passionate about what they do.  Their love for Depeche Mode comes through in their incredible stage show, and magically transports Devotees to another place and time where the only thing that matters is the music.  When you close your eyes, you hear Depeche Mode, when you open your eyes, you see Depeche Mode. That is, in my opinion, the true test of a solid tribute band.   STRANGELOVE is in-fact the real-deal, and are definitely one of the best on the scene today. Make it a point to see them live the next time they are in your area, and you too will be magically be transported to one of the best live shows you have seen in ages!

For more information on STRANGELOVE and all upcoming shows, please click here. 

Stay Frosty, Rock On, and Enjoy the Silence!


Matthew Belter

Executive Editor - Long Beach

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