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KORN is one of those bands that you either love or hate.  Their music is brash, in-your-face, and extremely relevant in a world where much of today’s music seems to be ready-made for the masses.  You’ll find no catchy pop melodies here focused on the much-to-do about nothing.  Instead, you’ll get authentic rock music that focuses on real-world issues such as bullying, abuse, and suicide. Korn’s thoughtful lyrics express the pain, alienation, and suffering that many have experienced and allows those feeling desperate and alone a unique channel to release those emotions and feel as they too belong.  On March 6th, Jonathan Davis and KORN brought their message of Being Different to the Anaheim House of Blues for what was to be one of the most killer rock shows to hit the stage in 2017.

Now before I begin my review of the show, I must acknowledge the fact that I was not the biggest KORN fan in the world nor had I ever seem them live.  To me, they were a solid metal band but not one that I had gone out of my way to see nor follow in any significant way.  That feeling changed on Monday night as I experienced with my own eyes and ears the sheer madness that is KORN.  As lights dimmed across the new and improved House of Blues (now the largest in the chain - by the way), the protective covering from Jonathan Davis custom microphone stand (created by none other than Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger) was removed.  Within seconds, the curtains dropped as KORN hit the stage and immediately fired up the capacity crowd with their 2003 hit, “Right Now”.  What a killer song to start the show.

Over the next hour and a half, KORN fanatics were treated to a blistering array of songs that spanned their entire 12-disc catalog.  From “Here to Stay” off the 2002 Untouchables album to “Rotting in Vain” off their latest release, The Serenity of Suffering, there was something for everyone in attendance that evening.  And as a bonus, Davis and company kept the House of Blues security personal on their toes all night as mosh pits and crowd surfing were standard operating procedure throughout the show.  For those on the general admission floor, it was complete pandemonium the entire show and something a real KORN fan would never want to miss. Simply badass.  KORN wrapped their 15-song set with two fan favorites, “Falling Away from Me” off of 1999’s Issues and “Freak on a Leash” from 5X Platinum (and KORN’s most successful album), 1998’s Follow the Leader.  

Walking away that evening, I could not have been more impressed with KORN and the clinic they put on for the sold-out HOB crowd on Monday night.  Jonathan Davis (Vocals), James "Munky" Shaffer (Guitar), Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (Bass), Brian "Head" Welch (Guitar), and Ray Luzier (Drums) were solid from start to finish and converted me to a believer in their unique brand of no-nonsense rock and roll.  More importantly, I got to hear firsthand from many lifelong fans how KORN’s music has personally affected their lives in a positive way.  One fan explained that Jonathan Davis and KORN “gave a voice to the voiceless, where no one else seemed to care”.  Powerful.  And if that alone was not enough, I witnessed for first time a rock concert signed in its entirety for a deaf fan. Truly unbelievable.  If that isn’t rock and roll, I am not sure what is…

KORN will be headlining upcoming The Serenity of Summer Tour with special guests STONE SOUR, BABY METAL, SKILLET, YELAWOLF, DED and ISLANDER.  Grab your tickets for this once in a lifetime show with one of the best bands on the planet -  HERE.

Stay Frosty and Rock On!


Set list

“Right Now”

“Here to Stay”

“Rotting in Vain”

“Somebody Someone”

“Coming Undone”


“Y’All Want a Single”

“Make Me Bad”

“Shoots and Ladders (with a snippet of Metallica’s ‘One’ at the end)”

“Drum Solo”





“Falling Away From Me”

“Freak on a Leash”


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