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My very first experience hearing the LORDS OF ACID was at a small dance club in Laguna Beach called Club Post-Nuclear. I can vividly remember the DJ spinning a killer track entitled, “I Sit on Acid”, and recall being immediately hooked by its catchy beat and incredible baseline. Their sound was fresh, relevant, and most-importantly danceable. There was really nothing like it on the scene at that time. It’s now been well over 25 years since my first run in with the LORDS OF ACID, and can honestly say they are still one of my favorite bands to this day.

On October 11th, the LORDS OF ACID took over the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, CA for night of musical mayhem that challenged the mind and inspired the soul. Whether you were a long-time follower of the band or just started listening to their music, there was something for everyone who attended their Sextreme Fest ‘17 tour on Wednesday evening. Kicking off the evening was NIGHT CLUB, an electronic music duo out of Los Angeles, CA. Emily Kavanaugh’s energy was infectious and easily fired up the Orange County crowd. Next up was EN ESCH, Ex KMFDM vocalist and drummer extraordinaire. He took it up a notch and left little to be desired during his 6-song set that took everyone in attendance back in time. Third band on the evenings bill were goth legends, CHRISTIAN DEATH. I had not heard their music in years, and was super impressed by Valor Kand and Maitri’s incredible performance. Final opener of the evening was COMBICHRIST. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, these guys absolutely killed with an incredible set that took the near-capacity crowd to a whole new level. Having seen them at a huge festival earlier in the year (where I felt the big stage swallowed them up), this venue allowed them to showcase what makes this band so special. LaPlegua and Company are rising stars that on the verge of breaking out big time in 2018. Keep a watch on this band as they are going places!

After a short break, LORDS OF ACID took the stage and immediately spun the near-capacity crowd into hyper-drive with their first track of the night, "Voodoo-U”. As they were showcasing their 1994 album (of the same name) in its entirety, it was the obvious choice to kick off the party and fans absolutely loved it. Next up was "Do What You Wanna Do”, and in my opinion one of the most underappreciated LORDS OF ACID songs out there. For the next hour and a half, the sultry DJ Mea and techno legend Praga Khan absolutely killed it with 16 more tracks that spanned their entire catalog. Throughout the show, this bands amazing chemistry was showcased by an unbelievable group of musicians including Roland Turner on keyboards, Devon Ann on backing vocals, Galen Waling on Drums, DieTrich Thrall on Bass, and Joe Haze on Guitar. I am sure it's not easy to pull off a show like this with so much talent on stage at any given time, but this band does it in fine fashion. LORDS OF ACID wrapped up their powerful set with two 1991 classics, "The Most Wonderful Girl" and "I Sit On Acid". This put a perfect bow on an incredible night of killer music at the Wayfarer and one that I won’t soon forget.

If you have not seen LORDS OF ACID live, you are missing out on one of the most incredible post-industrial bands of all-time. DJ Mea’s voice sounded remarkable and keyboard phenom Praga Khan played out of his mind. Sure, the LORDS OF ACID brand of music may not be for everybody, but walking away from Wednesday night’s performance most in attendance would beg to differ. Their music was powerful, their lyrics were sexy, and their performance was inspiring. And thinking back to my first experience with the LORDS OF ACID, I could not help but think how amazing it was to finally see them live and for them to end their show with the very song that made me fall in love with their groove so many years ago. And for those who have not seen this band live, what are you waiting for? They are currently on tour across the US and will absolutely blow your mind. Get your tickets today before it’s too late! For more information on LORDS OF ACID and their 2017 World Tour, please click HERE.

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Setlist: • Voodoo-U • Do What You Wanna Do • Young Boys • Dirty Willy • Drink My Honey • Mr. Machoman • She and Mrs. Jones • Blowing Up Your Mind • Out Comes the Evil • Marijuana in Your Brain • The Crablouse • Rough Sex/Take Control • Rubber Doll • Pussy • Scrood Bi U

Encore: • The Most Wonderful Girl • I Sit On Acid


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