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This was my first-time seeing Passion Pit live, and I absolutely loved their show.  Angelakos and company ignited a fire in Denver and delivered a passionate 16-song set that proved once again why this band is so special to so many all around the world.  I can’t wait to see them again here in the Mile-high City!

Back from a short hiatus from touring, Passion Pit finally hit the road celebrating their 10-year career in honor of their 2009 debut album, Manners.  They kicked off their  highly anticipated Manners 10 Year Anniversary Tour on April 30th in Tempe, AZ before making their 9th stop at one of Denver’s finest and most iconic venues, The Ogden Theatre  

Passion Pit pulled out all the stops for this tour and adding special guests The Beaches to the lineup was a real treat.  They were the perfect band to get the party started and came out swinging with their collective persuasion of alternative rock meets punk with a high kick of modern pop sensibilities.  These women from Toronto, CA had enough talent between the four of them to shake the room and they did just that.  If Denver didn’t know who The Beaches were before the show, they sure did when the dust had finally settled.  From the crowd’s reaction, The Beaches certainly made new fans here in the Mile-High City, me included. Their 45 minutes performance was a non-stop party filled with high energy music that kept the whole crowd moving and grooving throughout their set.

Now on to Sunday's main attraction, Passion Pit.  Fronted by the immensely talented Michael Angelakos, Passion Pit opened Sunday evening’s show with a dazzling light show and enough energy to take down an entire army.  His powerful vocals combined with a supremely talented band brought down the house in ways that most in attendance may not have thought possible.  As promised, Passion Pit played Manners in its entirety along with fan favorites “Carried Away”, “Take a Walk” and “I’ll be Alright”.  All were performed with a spirit and energy that is rarely seen live in this day and age. This is what live music is all about!

This tour has been an uplifting gift for Passion Pit’s fans as well as for Michael Angelakos, who graciously took the time during the show to enthusiastically thank the audience for sticking with him throughout the different phases of his career.  He spoke openly about his bipolar disorder, what his state of mind he was in when Manners was released in 2009, and how it all effected his overall ability to tour.  When Angelakos took time off in 2017, he devoted it to his mental health and the launching of The Wishart Group, a non-for-profit company whose one mission is to support musicians by providing them with healthcare services along with legal and educational resources.  From recent interviews, Angelakos seems to be in a much different, happier place and his aura on stage Sunday proved that to be 100% true.  

With 8 tour dates left on this leg of Passion Pit's Manners tour, Angelakos and company seem to have picked up where they left off with no signs of slowing down.  Towards the end of the set he noted about this year’s tour, “I don’t want to jinx it, but so far so fucking good”.  I'd agree wholeheartedly with his sentiments, as this show was truly a special one to have been a part of.


Susan Wolcott

Assistant Editor - Denver

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