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Tonight,  GosT was in town and performing live at the Echo in Los Angeles.  He is currently on the road supporting his most recent full-length album,  Valediction, which came out this past October.  The album is a mix of 80s synth, guitar, gothic vocals, and heavy blast-beats.  The current tour started in Denver, CO on January 28th and will continue on through mid February ending in Atlanta, GA.  Lucky for us, it was LA's turn tonight!

It was an early set this evening as doors opened at 6,  and GosT took the stage promptly by 7:45.  As soon as he took the dimly lit stage, you could feel the crowd light up with energy.  GosT took the stage in all black and had his face done up in corpse paint.  A white masked bass player also accompanied him on stage.  Everyone watched and moved to the music, which really had an 80’s feel to it.  It was nice and loud with some heavy beats that shook the stage and had the fans dancing and moving the entire evening.  GosT's sound was a throwback for sure but really resonated with fans in attendance.

Some highlights from the evening included tracks such as "Relentless Passing," "Bloody Roses," "The Call of The Faithful," "She Lives in Red Light," "Ligature Marks," and "Genesee Avenue."  GosT unleashed a truly a powerful set that left the audience in awe and was clear to all in attendance that he came prepared to rip the soul out of the Echo (and his fans) on Saturday evening.  Once the set was over, he made his way to the merch table where he was greeted with a huge line of fans waiting to capture a glimpse of the man.  This was a perfect way for the crowd to meet the man behind the music.  Overall, GosT's show was just what the doctor ordered on Saturday night and gave fans of all ages a memorable show taht won't soon be forgotten.  

We hope to have him back in LA again soon!  See pictures from tonight's event below.




Maurice Nunez

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