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This was a cool show because I had just got into Hot Mulligan at the beginning of November. A buddy of mine showed me them and then saw they were coming to Dallas. So of course, I put in to snap some photos. This show was a nice blend of Midwest emo music, and I was pumped. Having seen Super American before, I was excited to see them again. Let’s jump in. It had been a minute since I shot a show from the crowd with no photo pit. It was gonna be an interesting night!

Starting out the show was Super American. Last time I saw them, it was probably early 2019 and since then, they had put out more music that I was excited to hear live. They took the stage and started off with “free bird”, and no not that “Free Bird”. They really got the crowd moving. I really enjoy the realness they bring to the stage. Straight forward with some grit. They went on to play some more great songs like “RIP JEFF”, “Clear Skin, Sound Mind”, and closed with their most popular, “How Big is Your Brain?”. It’s always a joy getting to see them live. Great set!

Next up was Sincere Engineer and they were a first for me. Lead by frontlady Deanna Belos, Sincere Engineer is a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. I really enjoyed all of their songs, I found myself head bobbing to them without realizing. Deanna really grabs your attention. They played some of their hits like “Hurricane of Misery", “Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7”, and closed with one of their best songs, “Overbite”. Very much enjoyed their set and I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again when they roll back through.

Following them was Prince Daddy & The Hyena. Another band that I had never heard of prior to the show. It was quite the band name, so I was interested to see how they sounded. Little did I know that they 100% rocked. They started the set with “***HIDDEN TRACK***” and I really enjoyed how unique it was. They also put on such a wild show. Their lead singer Kory Gregory was uber talented. Loved his vocals the whole time. They played some of their most famous songs like “Thrashville 1/3”, “I Forgot To Take My Meds Today”, and their most popular, “Really?”. They closed it out with “I Lost My Life” and it was 10/10.

And without further ado, Hot Mulligan takes the stage. I was able to sneak my way up to the front row and have a solid spot to take some photos. They opened the set with “Dead Dogs” and I was hype. I really enjoy Tades Sanville's vocals. Very Midwest emo and I was there for it. I was super excited to hear “*Equip Sunglasses*” and the moment that drumbeat came in, I knew it immediately. I honestly think it was my favorite song of the night. Tades was a mover and jumping all around the stage. He brought all the energy to the stage. The sold out show was packed from front to back with fans and I know why now. They went on to play a ton of bangers the rest of the night and encored with “Pop Shuvit” and “You Have Shwag”. Overall a night to definitely remember.


James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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