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Back in the before time. The long long ago. In the distance past of early 2020. Back when we were young and innocent and living life like nothing could hurt us. Concert tours were in full swing, and one that I was excited for was Aesthetic Perfection. Originally planned to kick off their tour in Los Angeles, CA on March 21st, 2020. I remember sitting in my room on March 19th watching as Daniel Graves live tweets during his flight into the United States. Worried about the lock down going into effect and being stuck in the Country. As soon as he landed, he bought a new plane ticket and flew back out of the country. While on that flight home, the United States went into lockdown, and all tours were cancelled. It’s been two and half years and I still vividly remember this day. But finally Aesthetic Perfection are back in the United States on a full national tour named the American Psycho Tour, with Josie Pace and genCAB in support.

The opening act on this tour is a new band going by the name genCAB. Short for GenerationCable, and fronted by singer and keyboardist David Dutton. He was formerly the keyboardist for Aesthetic Perfection when I first saw them. It was great to see David stepping out onto the front of the stage as he has so much charisma and stage presence. Backed by only the drummer CARV.R who was eye candy behind the kit. With flowing blonde hair and eye makeup that was so sharp it could cut you. CARV.R was bringing the energy to genCAB’s music with his drumming. Together these two are creating a powerful industrial sound that had people in the audience dancing and loving life. David’s showmanship was truly seen when the mic cable went out halfway through a song, and a roading had to change the mic and cable out. This didn’t stop David as he just continued to sing the lyrics straight at the audience without a mic. It’s that kind of resilience that show just how much of a true performer David is.

Up next was a performer that had the look of a punk rocker but mixed it with an industrial flair. Josie Pace stepped onto stage with a blood red leather jacket adorned with metal spikes all around it, a platinum blonde mohawk, and an attitude that said she owned the stage now. Starting off her set with “Hello, Who Am I?”, Josie was ready to get the crowd cheering. Backed by her music producer Ken Roberts on synth’s, Josie commanded the entire stage. Whether you knew who Josie was, or whether you were a fan of her music, she didn’t care. She performed right at the foot of the stage in faces of the crowd, making sure she enticed you to dance, groove, sing, or just move in the audience. No one was safe from her hypnotizing sound. Playing songs like “I’m Begging You,” “Even If It Kills Me,” “Storm and Stress,” “Future,” “Vicious,” “Brain-dead,” and closing with a cover of Placebo’s song “Pure Morning.” Josie Pace was there to make her presence known, and she made sure everybody in the Echoplex knew who she was.

Finally, after two and a half years, I was going to get to see Aesthetic Perfection again. This would be my fourth time seeing them, and the fourth iteration of the bands lineup I’ve seen. Fronted by Daniel Graves on vocals, who is single handedly making bucket hats goth. Adorning a custom Aesthetic Perfection basketball jersey. Daniel Graves is pushing the boundaries of what “dressing Goth” truly means, and still finding a way to make it stylish. Daniel danced and commanded the stage like no other. However, he’s packed Aesthetic Perfection with a duo of high-class showmen. On drums we have Joe Letz, who is a sight to behold. Not only does his flamboyant attire draw the eye of everyone in the crowd, but he is also one of the most charismatic drummers playing today. Pouring water on his drumheads, knocking over his kit throughout the show, walking to the front of the stage and making the audience hold his floor tom as he plays it. It’s hard not to be sucked into his performance alone. New member Constance Antionette is pulling triple duty playing guitar, keys, and bass throughout the set. With a personality that could only be described as gothic Harley Quinn. Playing songs from across their discography like “Gods & Gold,” “S E X,” “Rhythm + Control,” “Antibody,” “Spilling Blood,” “American Psycho,” “The Siren,” “Wickedness,” and ending their set with an encore performance of “Love Like Lies.” Aesthetic Perfection continue to be one of the most underrated live Industrial Pop bands performing.

Since my first time seeing Aesthetic Perfection in 2017, they have continued to change their line up with members coming and going. This is easily my favorite line up I’ve seen so far. Each member brings so much stage presence to an Aesthetic Perfection show, and candy to the eyes. Josie Pace really stood out as a shining light in the genre, and genCAB brought a power and darkness to synthpop that really spoke to the crowd. The American Psycho Tour has been a long time coming, and I am so happy to have finally seen it. The supporting bands that Aesthetic Perfection brought with them helped created a unified industrial/gothic night for all the misfits of LA to come out for.


Matt Martinez

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